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Today Rob Zombie just added a whole new batch of images to his Official Halloween MySpace page. I have to say these are some of the best we have seen from the set so far. He has put up pictures of the Myers house, a new young Michael in a clown costu...

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hopefully we can see more soon

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In the gallery there's one pic in which Michael reminds me a lot of Freddy Krueger. Although maybe it's just my imagination.

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Now that's what I'm talking about.  Some indepth pics from the new "Halloween".  I dig it.

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I had to go on the Official Halloween Movies board to see all of the new pictures. I clicked on the highlighted link in the article here and it went to a MySpace page but I couldn't see the pictures anywhere. After that I went to Rob Zombie's MySpace page via the official sites page in his IMDb section. Couldn't see anything there. It looked more like a music site for Rob Zombie than anything about his films. All I could see there about the new Halloween film was a link to the Official Halloween Movies site.

After that I went to the OHM site from my saved web search results page for the site, and was able to see all of the new pictures including the one posted on the news page here.

I really like those pictures. I especially like the one of young Michael in the clown costume. I was thinking of the comparisons with young Michael in the clown costume in the original Halloween. It's an interesting variation on the costume.

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