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Check this out, Wes Craven fans!

Horror maven Wes Craven has joined with his son Jonathan Craven to write the sequel to the 2005 horror remake “The Hills Have Eyes.† This new film follows a group of partially-trained soldiers who stumble across a band of terrifying mutants in the hills of the American desert southwest. Wes Craven made the original “The Hills Have Eyes† and a sequel to it in the mid-1970s.

Clear Channel film critic Kevin Carr has the interview on an new edition of MOVIE ZONE!

Check it out for free here:

Who here's excited for Hills Have Eyes 2?

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Wow. Now, that's fresh news. (sarcasm)

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Dude, that's really old news.  The film comes out in like 3 days.  Welcome to the site, though.

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lol Thanks, Rip. Welcome awake!