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ooh I know I'm gonna get slapped for what I'm about to say ahh I didn't like it *ducks* the first one was 10 times better...I tried guys I really tried I mean there were two parts that made me jump but other then that I could of fell asleep through it..the gore was good like the first but I just couldn't get into it.. sad

You know what. I'm in the same boat as you Raven. I mean yeah the 'infected' were so much better than the first. But as far as the plot and loved all the gore scenes. But everything else didn't really do it for me. I was actually expecting more out of it. I think it was just ok.

see I felt the sameway about it I expected more out of it..

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I saw 28 Weeks Later about two weeks back, I personly thought it was 10 times better than the first tongue (Oh well we all have our own views on things) But truthfully i enjoyed it a hell of a lot, To me it was the best fast moving zombie flick i've seen since the Dawn of the Dead remake.

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I LOVED 28 Days Later and I LOVE 28 Weeks Later... These films are so raw. I love the shot at the beginning when he's running and you see the infected come running over the hill after him. That's just insane. That whole sequence is sick!

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