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I know there is a thread for "Mainstream threads turned into Horror Movies Game" and for "Create a Horror Movie Game too" but this one is slightly different from the others.

Just imagine a twist of Harper's Island and all your icons rolled into one.

1. This does follow a specific role and
2. It's a story with a plot devised by yours truly. wink

As earlier I stated an idea popped into the dusty noggin. Whilst I intend to still turn this idea into my own adaptation, I thought it would make a fun little game for everyone on here. Join in or die! j/k

The rules are as followed.

You need to stick to the storyline, it needs to be coherant and clear. Whilst the others went into ridiculous territory I want this one to stay true to character and not veer too much into the silly. You can choose from an entire range of horror characters from various horror movies, you are allowed to bring back characters in certain format if called for, i.e. Zombies, Werewolfs, Vampires etc. The gore has to flow! I know you can abide that and it needs to be a fun but nice read that stays true to plot and character.

The only other thing that applies, is each person must stick to a maximum of TWO paragraphs. No more than that, you can have less if need be but TWO paragraphs is max and no more than that. Otherwise one person will get more involved and I want everyone to have a fair chance.

You can choose any character to write of you want but if you are the first to use 'said' character please try and specify who so we know. You can use the screen name of people on HM or actual names, either can apply. Those are the rules.

I hope despite me going on, you will take the time to try this little idea now and thank you for listening to me going on. Let the games begin!

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It was a clear day. The sky a brilliantly soft blue against the white cover of clouds. Birds flew overhead, their wings spanning wide over the gentle wind. Suddenly the silence was broken by the sound of an aeroplane engine. Inside the roar of the aeroplane, in the lounge of comfort were the HMites. Long time friends, finally meeting after years of convorting on The tinny laughter and the general chat was music to all ears as the flight sailed on in splendid fashion. Friends for so long they were now making their way across the seas, past islands to arrive in fashion at New York. Plans were sated and time was on their side.

However suddenly there was a choking sound from the engine, followed by a splutter. Everyone on board looked around in fear, with trepidation. What was happening and why? Before they could think for a second longer, their answers were given. The tip of the aeroplane began to nosedive down, gasps shuddered as they felt pulses beating ever so fast and before they could breathe back out the unthinkable happened. The aeroplane began to make a tilt and started dropping rapidly from the sky. Moments passed and a crash could be heard as a peaceful silence was broken and the shattered debris of the aeroplane filled the empty sands. Silence finally settled. Had anyone survived? Miraculous no one was injured. But for them horror was on the outlook as they searched around and realised... they were alone. Would they be able to survive the island and what lay beneath its surface? Suddenly someone spoke up....


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Nice thread BTK. I will do some story a little later!

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Edited it as you said BTK. Forgot I could go that. lol

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Or edit wink lol You are too cute for words tongue

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Meanwhile <MACHO> was sat at the bar in his local boozer enjoying a quiet pint of bitter and contemplating kicking everyone's arses at pool. He knew there was no point going home to log on to HM because everyone had decided to have a get together in NY. "Maybe next time I'll be free" he thought to himself and wondered how everyone was getting on.

"Sod it" he said to himself, "let's show these muppets how pool is really played" and made his way to the table.

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^^ Not derailing it but lol:lol: dammit Macho I should kick you lol but that just made me burst into laughter! Kudos, and love the way you describe your disgruntled attitude. wink

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The sky rumbled as dark clouds filled the sky..  they needed to find shelter. Mistress asked BTK " does anyone have cell phone coverage ? I thought <MACHO> was bringing the satellite phone ! "    BTK shook her head and said …."  he  didnt get on the plane  . last time I saw him he was babbling something about pool and getting drunk "

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Swollen said "well if no one is hurt and nobody’s getting a cell signal, why don’t a few of you stay here in case help comes and anyone that wants to come with me to look for help. I’m with mistress I don’t like the looks of those clouds in the distance."