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I watched this film last night called Burn after Reading which came out in 2008 and it's a pretty funny flick.

The film has a great cast in it:

Brad Pitt - from Interview with a Vampire
George Clooney - from Ocean's Eleven
John Malkovich - from Shadow of the Vampire
Frances MacCormand -from Fargo
Tilda Swinton - from Constantine
J.K. Simmons - from Spiderman
etc....and many other famous faces

It's about 2 gym employees who find a disc at the gym containing the memoirs of an ex-CIA agent whose writing a book and they think it's real spy stuff.

John Malkovich was hilarious in it as Osbourne Cox....the ex-CIA agent.

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I own this movie and it is FUNNY

I'm not a major Brad Pitt fan as I think his acting is the same in every movie--he's just there. But in this, he's a riot! Love the dance and when they attempt to blackmail the now creepy looking John Malkovich.

Oh, and Frances MacDormand is fantastic!!!

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... you know what? I'm gonna watch this after I finish my house shit.

P.S.  funny how George Clooney's pants were pulled up his ass, too!! Hell-o!!

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I think I was the only one who didn't really like this one.