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Hey there, Mitchell Wells here from Horror Society...

Well it's been a full year since we started with our Independent Horror Film Festivals here in Chicago, and we are back at it again for 2010.

We are starting the whole process over once again and we are bringing back the same great themes, with some new great films and guests…. starting with B-Movie Madness 2

Its time to sit back in the theater and laugh your butt off with some great indie horror comedies. We have a great lineup this time around and some great guests as well. As always we are having this festival at the historic Portage Theater on Chicago's northwest side. Its a beautiful 1300 seat, full restored old time theater. The Portage has the largest movie screen in the city and has been stocked with a brand new state of the art audio and visual equipment. Best of all... they serve alcohol.

With every show we try to get a horror classic that fits the theme of the festival and this time we got a great film! Night of the Demons will be our feature film, screened in 35mm, and the Director Kevin Tenney will be in person to answer questions and sign autographs.

We will have a full lobby of horror dealers and vendors and plenty of time in between the movies to check out their merchandise.

We have a great show coming up this time, so check it out below.....

B-Movie Madness 2
January 16th, 2010
Portage Theater
4050 N. Milwaukee, Chicago IL
$12 at the Door


Brain Dead
Incest Death Squad
Night of the Demons (35mm)


Kevin Tenney
(Director Night of the Demons, Brain Dead)

Marv Blauvelt
(Writer: Hypochondriac)

Cory Udler
(Director: Incest Death Squad)


Kitley's Crypt
MBH Mafia
Chateau GRRR
and more......

More info can be found at the websites below...


Mitchell Wells

All guests will be available for interviews prior to the festival. Email me for more info.

Re: B Movie Madness 2 - Night of the Demons in 35mm

i wish we had stuff like this in town.

Re: B Movie Madness 2 - Night of the Demons in 35mm

shesaid? wrote:

i wish we had stuff like this in town.

i agree, there used to be a guy running 35mm films in london, he played some good stuff but havent heard anything about it in a while, the bloor cinema in toronto plays some good stuff (original prints + guests) throught  rue-morgue mag, to check shows and times. smile

Re: B Movie Madness 2 - Night of the Demons in 35mm

Wouldn't mind something like this in the Philly area.