Topic: Fatal Frame 4- Wii

Wow!  The Fatal Frame series has always been one of my very favorite, slow real time survival horror.  Plus, it being styled after japanese horror isn't so bad either.

I recently found out that Fatal Frame 4 is out in Japan on the Wii, ON THE WII!  So I can't help but imagine how awesome it is.

Has anyone out there played it and can give me the low down?

Either way, it is good to be back on!

Re: Fatal Frame 4- Wii

ive not played any of the fatal frame games... anyone else think they kick ass?

Re: Fatal Frame 4- Wii

I am a huge Fatal Frame fan! The game puts you in a place that you don't want to be with tortured souls chasing after you. Whats not to like? big_smile
i have only played up until fatal frame 3 so I don't know much about 4, it being on Wii would be so kick ass.