Topic: Seperate Grindhouse DVDs?

Right now there is a rumour circulating that Grindhouse will be released as two different DVDs. Of course that would mean Planet Terror and Death Proof each released individually. This really does not come as a shock to me because one or another I kn...

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Re: Seperate Grindhouse DVDs?

Gawd man this would suck major, major ass.  They were meant to be seen together.

Though, I imagine the first release would be sepearte....then a few months later probably do what New Line did with LOTR and have the full Grindhouse (with the deleted footage back in) on like 2 discs with another disc or two of special features. 

Or do a Sin City with theaterical version on one disc, then the movies seperate with the deleted footage back in on another plus a disc or two of special features.

Either one of those I wouldn't mind. 

But, I agree that a single disc of 1 film and a disc of the other will probably hit...but a combined set will probably come out a few months later.

Re: Seperate Grindhouse DVDs?

Yeah I hope they are shown together in the double feature like they were meant to be shown.
The only way I'm buying it is if they're together. There's no way I'm buying Grindhouse in two seperate movies. They can go screw themselves!

Re: Seperate Grindhouse DVDs?

good work goon you just verified what we aready discussed. That this will be a big cash cow with 40 versions on dvd.

Re: Seperate Grindhouse DVDs?

I might buy both seperately if each one is only $9.99....other than that..fuck it.