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Yup that was Dan in both roles! He's pretty much the star in The Aborted as well, he's the funniest in that one I think! That sure was me on the radio, rocking Ricky is THE MAN! Thanks so much for checking it out! There's a nice little special effects feature on there that's kicks. Shows all the insanity that went into making the hundreds and hundreds of effects! But thanks for supporting me and my stuff man! I'm really glad you liked it (and finally got the damn thing!) Every copy someone buys goes right into the next flick, only helping to make my movies better and cooler!

and the chick with the dark hair and the lip ring is well sexy

You should check her out in The New Girls then!

I'm hoping to get the rights to Cold Blooded back one of these days, with the equipment I have now, I could fix a lot of those problems (same thing with TLB.)

I want Bleed and Highway 91!!

I'm about an hour into the remastering of Bleed. There's a ridiculous amount of stuff I'm fixing. Sound issues, weird cutting problems, even some lighting stuff. There's lots of dead space I'm getting rid of, and I'm even adding some music where I wanted too before, but just didn't HAVE what I needed to do that.

I'm hoping it's going to be a MAJOR release, and I'm adding as many special features as I can! I'm planning on selling it around 9.99/12.99. I'll go cheaper if I can! 

We're filming more Highway 91 stuff on Sunday! It's going to be wild!

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Great news Sonny!! I am patient, Indie is worth it!!

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yeah - i still wanna give you some original film music you can use for freebies


Re: The Last Battleground

Anytime Zombie, how are you going to get the music to me?Just let me know....

Re: The Last Battleground

how do you like to take it?

id like to know what sort of stuff you are after

i could do make a jingle (as such) for a film - like the Nightmare on Elm St theme - example

or just suspense building (psycho stabbing violins)

creepy amtospheres with delyd noises (like in Friday 13th)


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All of the above Zombie. I use a ridiculous amount of music in my movies and need as much stuff as I can get. I never have enough, I usually have three people making me stuff at one time when they can and I make a lot of it myself, but I still find myself not having what I need for certain scenes.

You can try emailing it too me when you get it done at edgeofmybrain@yahoo.com. Don't forget to give me your real name so I can get your name in the credits!

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boom baby!

you could credit me like the goblin!

"additional music by centaspike"


ill get some done soon - faux realz


Re: The Last Battleground

Sounds good man, just let me know!













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Zombies in a tunnel!!! I'm in love:P


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Zombies in a tunnel!!! I'm in love:P

It was pretty interesting filming in that tunnel. It's mostly used by joggers and bikers all through the day, so it was heavily trafficked while we filmed. Someone actually called the cops on us, which is ALWAYS awesome when that happens. But the cops were actually pretty damn cool, you could tell the cop wanted to let us stay and finish, but he was hesitant. In the end though he was just like, "You know what? You guys aren't hurting anything and I think it's cool, so just go ahead and finish up and clean up after yourselves." Was very nice of him. Most of the time, we get asshole cops, but sometimes, we get a really cool one.


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So we're filming the other day and all of a sudden I hear, "DON'T MOVE!" I look over and a whole shitload of cops are coming at us from the woods with a police dog on the leash barely being held back about to rip me apart. So the cops make us come forwards and they handcuff us.

The next day, I'm getting phone calls from the newspaper AND the newsstation....turns out it was a big deal, and I got on the news THAT night! I'm currently trying to get a copy of broadcast that aired (it rocked) but here's the newstory that was on MSN!

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39242260/ns … d/39179237

Here's the paper with me on the front page...and my fucking Facebook status for everyone to see. WTF!


And here's some more pics from the movie!





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Well now that the police know who you are, maybe you should give them a heads up before filming, Then they would have where you are and what you are doing down on an info sheet. Then when someone calls in, the police would know it was a film shoot in progress. Have a border sign saying "filming in progress" so terrified passerby won't poop their pants:lol:
YOU ARE BADASS!!! big_smile

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I finally got TLB and we had a drinking night during it and laughed.
The creatures makeup was fuckin crazy lol
A little Ed Wood of the 21st century??  smile

Also got The Aborted that I will watch soon...

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Hahaha thats awesome Sonny! I wondered about this back in grade 11 my friend has a bunch of guns and uniforms from ww2 and we were in a farm fairly close to the road, waving around guns and screaming an all sorts of stuff. You gotta love filming without a permit its half the fun


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Glad you enjoyed it Demon!

Here's the footage from the news broadcast!

There's some actual footage from the film mixed  there as well!


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Here's a ffeewww more pics!!!

Next Thurs...if everything works out...will be our MASSIVE zombie day!




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Here's some more pics from a really HUGE epic zombie shoot we just finished!












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Allright, almost done with these damn woods!

Here's some pics from todays filming!











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Ok folks! We're in the final stretch now! The movie is about 75% done and the last half has started...this takes the movie in an entirely different direction!  Here's some pics!








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FINALLY! Boys and girls! Ladies and Gents! After 6 years, the indie EPIC, the dick demon growling, axe swinging, brain flying, finger slicing, twisty turny, legendary BLEED is actually coming to DVD in a 2 disc special edition!!

I got my copy and in a few days you can get yours! I'll give you all the info once this badboy is available!


In the meantime though, here's some new Highway 91 pics! What I've tried to do with Highway 91 is make a movie where the characters KNOW zombie movies. They've lived in the mall, they were underground with the soliders, they've been to the island, they've been through all the other zombie movies. They know the rules inside and out, they've been surviving for a long time, they're pros, so I have to throw NEW things at them....which ain't easy.

It ain't all zombies, zombies, zombies, (although I try to not go longer than 15 minutes without one). Like the best zombie films, it's all about the PEOPLE.




And then there's Justin Kavlie, playing Father Vecchio...and all kinds of insanity...




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Interested in getting a copy of Bleed. Looks really cool...an autographed copy would be really cool big_smile

Re: The Last Battleground

I'm on a 3rd of my last 5th sonny so for all thats holy save my white ass from the wrong to bite me keep the female of the group they get me////// im done tilll they take me


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Interested in getting a copy of Bleed. Looks really cool...an autographed copy would be really cool

If you buy a copy and send it along with the postage to return it, I'd sign that sucker for you, and whatever cast is around, I could prolly get them to sign it too. I'm always down for any fans I have, without you guys, I'm nothing!


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This is the one ppl have said-

"- it does something that's rather rare in all of horror cinema, no matter the budget. It gives me hope."
http://www.horrornews.net/reviews/Revie … 9.htm#HOME

"I consider Sonny Fernandez to be a breath of fresh air in a genre that is quickly dying from uninspired Saw ripoffs and lame remakes."

"- if you are looking for passion, creativity and heart I beg you to join me in this journey. Sonny Fernandez employs guerilla film making at its best, using whatever means necessary to get his ideas on film. That is what truly draws me to his work. His stories are really very good and I can only imagine that with a budget he could create something incredible. But until that time I will continue to enjoy the ride for what it is. Pure, unadulterated love of the genre and more enthusiasm than most studio power houses can muster on their best days."

And now folks...the wait is OVER.
BLEED is FINALLY available in a 2 disc special edition with cast and crew commentary, a look back at the making of the movie, a half an hour blooper reel and MORE!

And you can finally buy this badboy right here exclusively at Amazon.com

http://www.amazon.com/Bleed-Cody-Terges … mp;sr=1-15

And here be the trailer for the curious!



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One day while filming, my friend Topher, who does much of the music for my flicks and my other pal Sky grabbed a guitar and decided to play me a song. They're still in their zombie make-up. It came out so good, I decided to make it an official song on the Higheway 91 soundtrack, and I took that performance and made it into a music video featuring clips from the film!

Check it out: There will be a much longer official trailer soon!