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Wow, sorry it's been awhile, but lifes been hheecctiicc! But rest assured filming has never stopped! Here's a batch of pics from all the craziness!














Happy Holidays folks!

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There you are Sonny I was wondering where you went to!
Cool...what film is that? I have a couple of your films and the next one I was gonna get is what the fuck its one word in the title... not sleeper that woody lol wtf is it man

best regards demon


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All the pics are still from Highway 91, the badass zombie movie!

I think you're talking about Bleed....that's the only one word titled movie I have out!

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Thanks man yeah Bleed is the title I was thinking of, I still need to get it. Highway 91 awsome can't wait to see it buddy!

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I LOVE those pics!!! I can't wait to see this movie Highway 91!


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Thanks everybody!

Here you go, 40 blazing gun blasing seconds from Highway 91!


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About two more days of shooting and then Highway 91 is WRAPPED!!!












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Sonny wrote:

Wow, sorry it's been awhile, but lifes been hheecctiicc! But rest assured filming has never stopped! Here's a batch of pics from all the craziness!

Happy Holidays folks!

Oh my god! That zombie with the eyeball hanging out is KICK ASS!!!!

Hope your last days of filming go great and you turn out an awesome film, which I'm sure you will. Highway 91 looks pretty damn bad ass. Kudos, dude.


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Oh my god! That zombie with the eyeball hanging out is KICK ASS!!!!

Thanks! That's one of my favorite make-up jobs that I've done!

Sometimes I make little clips, just for the cast and crew to see what kind of stuff I'm doing, I usually don't show these to other folks because it's usually early, still being worked on stuff, but I think this came out pretty good as is so I decided to put it up for all to see! Here's a neat little clips with heads being blown to smitherins!


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The pictures look freakin awesome dude! I'm stoked for this movie!


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Thanks man! It's going to ROCK! Hopefully people think it's a zombie movie that truly delivers on everything they want from a zombie movie, and maybe gives them even a little more!

Here's another badass little clip of a zombie getting his head knocked off by a sledgehammer! I like it a lot!



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Here's another quick clip of one of our zombies getthing his head lopped in half by an arrow!


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When do I get to have the dvd in me hot little paws?


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When do I get to have the dvd in me hot little paws?

I'm hoping end of March. It's just hard to say because there's SO much f/x work I'm doing and keep in mind...I'm doing everything myself and this stuff is SOOOO time consuming.

For instance, the clip up above? That zombie face is a different zombie face, I just added that face onto a different face, the arrow is added in (and you can SEE that sucker fly across the screen) the head getting lopped in two with the gore added  in...all that stuff is added in by me, bit by bit. I freaking LOVE doing it though, but like I said, very, very time consuming. So be patient...I work on it EVERYDAY...and I'll be releasing tons and tons of stuff as the due date gets closer, I have lots and lots of surprises...keep in mind...you haven't seen a REAL trailer yet :- )

I can't wait for this thing to get released! I promise you'll see things you've never seen in a zombie movie before!


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We pretty much got one more day of filming, but I'm in no hurry to get it, usually I'm pretty frantic but I've got so much editing to do I'm pretty focused on that right now, I'd rather wait for the weather to clear up a little bit more before we tackle it.

Since I've kind of figured out how to add in so many cool things during post production I've really just been trying to make things as crazy as possible, but it's very time consuming. People have to remember I have no training to do this, I didn't go to school, I didn't read even so much as read a manuel, most of this comes from trial and error. I work on something for 2 hours, then watch it and say, "Okay that didn't work BUT if I do it THIS way..." then that's another 2 hours fixing it and making it better. I'm sometimes up 'till 7 in the morning doing this, sometimes when I have to work at 11 the next day. Not a day goes by when I don't edit, it's a constant job and it never stops.

You know, I've tried having ppl help me, people say, "I WANNA HELP" and I say sure, but they usually only last a week, I say, "Hey, did you add that blood in yet?" and they say "Uhhh...not yet..." two months go by and nothing, so I sigh and go back to it myself. Folks aren't willing to work 10 hours a week, giving up their free time for such a monotous task, they THINK they are, but they don't realize how difficult this is until they try it, there is nothing easy about this. But it's all good, this is what I do!

I've had a few screenings with some friends by my house of some of this stuff and ppl are just flipping for it, I get asked if some of this CG stuff is dummies...people don't notice things that I've done in the shots....I get a lot of hooting and hollaring and freaking out. It's probably been the coolest early response I've gotten from a movie so far!

So here's some of the post production pics...some of this is from the clips above...some are new! They'll be more to come!

Oh and don't judge these until you've watched them in action on youtube, because stills don't do them justice, a lot of times they don't really sell until you've seen them in action. Also, I know there's a stigma against CG, believe me I know. If I could do everything in the world by prothestics I would, but it can take half an hour to set up one prothestic shot and I sometimes only have 2 hours in an entire day to film, so hooking up 6 zombies for a oneshot take is just unrealistic, however, doing it like this...I can have six zombies all losing their heads in one shot. I've never been a fan of making things look realistic anyway...I'm all about style....verisimilitude. I used to try to explain my outlook towards effects to some ppl....about how the EFFECT of an effect was more important than whether or not it looked true to life. One day I heard Hitchock said how he hated realistic visuals...about he was more interested in making things look STYLISTIC into of realistic and that fit perfectly with what I've been struggling to explain, not that I'm comparing myself to Hitch, but having things look crazy and neat and interesting is more important than making things look true to life.



This pic is interesting (some folks will recognize this from the arrow split clip from above) because this zombie isn't THAT zombie. If you can dig it. I took a zombie...but we already had him getting killed...so I put a different face on him. It messes with ppl when they watch it because it's so quick and it just looks wild. But the arrow in the shot was added in...I put an entirely different face on the dude, then chopped it in half...all in one shot. I thought it came out great.


This is just cool because that arrow is fake. Again this is a sweeping shot...so I had to keep the arrow in the proper perspective. Half the time the arrows in the movie are added in...other times they're real arrows...I've tried to get ppl if they can guess which is which but they never can so I guess I did pretty good.


Like I said folks have a big problem with CG..but the question is...if I zombie gets shot do I just add in a muzzle flash and have the zombie fall? Or would you reather see the muzzle flash and a hunk of the head explodes using CG? Here for instance I blew a hole in her head...you can actually SEE the tree back there through the hole!

Here's a few more just for fun!







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Here's a couple of concept art for the DVD coverart...what do you guys think? Is it terrible?



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I gotta be honest, im not a fan of all the cgi but im still very interested because its obvious your truly passionate about your films. Its also evident your working your butt off and that's admirable.

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Sonny, those gore pics look absolutely amazing! The DVD cover looks pretty cool so far too!

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Sonny Sonny Sonny man... rock on but....

Sonny Sonny Sonny man... cheers
I'd love to get drunk withya man

Sonny Sonny Sonny man.... i know your working with a no-budget and you cant beat that..
but arent you tired of of using papermache masks? Like I'm bein a real fuckin asshole dude here I bought your movies but I know it wont make you a millionaire or a thousandaire lol

really I dont have much to say but at least I know You read this... cheers to you buddy!!!


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I gotta be honest, im not a fan of all the cgi but im still very interested because its obvious your truly passionate about your films. Its also evident your working your butt off and that's admirable.

Like I said somewhere above, you know, I'm not a fan of  CG either, trust me, if I had my way I wouldn't have ONE CG shot  in the entire movie, and honestly, I didn't even know if I was going to be able to pull this stuff off until I stated working on it. It was a HUGE gamble, but it paid off. Just keep in mind, everything in those clips was done by me, right here on this little laptop, and it was done frame, by frame by frame and took hours and hours to do. Me laboring over every little moment. So it's not the usual souless computer laziness.

Sonny, those gore pics look absolutely amazing! The DVD cover looks pretty cool so far too!

Thanks Creature! Wait until you see all that craziness in motion!

but arent you tired of of using papermache masks?

I've honestly never used paper mache in my life :- )
But you've got to try and look past it and see the designs for what they are.

and if it makes you feel any better.

Highway 91

Nothing but latex!!!! If you don't think this is the best f.x. I've ever done then you drink way too much!

How do you know I'm not a thousandire?  :- )

Oh and btw, I told Liz I'd spread the word for her and I know there's a few fans here so if you guys wanna help the girl out here you go-

http://www.exploremodeling.com/Casting/ … ckter.aspx


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Just made this for fun! Check it out!


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Ain't It Cool has reviewed my movie, The Last Battleground!!! They gave it a freaking glowing review!
Pretty neat!


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Sweet write up and Ain't it Cool is a legitimate site. Congrats, Sonny!


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Here's the latest DVD artwork...coming along nicely I think.


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Underdog wrote:

Sweet write up and Ain't it Cool is a legitimate site. Congrats, Sonny!

LOL So are we and we've been on the Sonny train for ages.  wink