Topic: "Dante's Inferno" is awesome. Review, sort of.

I bought "Dante's Inferno: Divine Edition" for my PS3 despite all the decent reviews it's been getting. Seriously, what's with all the 6.5's and 7's? I skimmed through plenty of reviews and they all made it seem like the game would suck. However, I'm a big "God of War" and horror fan, so I just had to get it. And, guess what? It doesn't suck. If this game was released in 2004, it probably get an 8.2 from "Game Informer" and a 7.5 from GameSpot. Instead, they gave it a 6.5 and 6.7.

I've played the game for a little over 3 hours and I'm just starting on Gluttony, which I believe is the third level of hell. The game supposedly is only 9 - 12 hours long on Normal difficulty level. It just depends on if you want to find all of the relics, coins and jewels. The relics empower Dante with abilities such as more powerful attacks. There are about 20 of them, but Dante can only equip two at a time. And if you collect all 30 coins (Judas' silver coins, nice touch) or the three special jewels, Dante can receive more souls (which act as currency) at a more rapid pace.

Gameplay is "God of War" all the way through. But it's very well done. "Dante's Inferno" was made by the team who created "Dead Space". So the imagery is very dark and intense. Dante's main weapons are Death's Scythe and the Holy Cross. If you played "God of War II", then you'd know Kratos receives a spear as a secondary weapon. Imagine if the spear was the primary weapon, that's how the scythe feels in this game. The Holy Cross is very similar to the one used in "Castlevania: Lament of Innocence" which was released on the PS2. It's a projectile attack that keeps enemies away at bay. Both weapons are upgradeable, but you must first punish or absolve the sinners in hell if you want to branch out your attack system. Dante also can use four different magic attacks which he attains as you progress through the game.

The PS3 exclusive Divine edition is basically a special edition, but it costs the same as the 360's bare bones version. It has the orginal poem in all of its entirety, a developer's commentary video, the game's soundtrack and a voucher for a free download for the upcoming "Dark Forest" episode (it will be out in March). There are also additional behind the scenes videos. Replayability comes in a new game + (where you retain all your weapon upgrades, etc.), an extra difficulty level, and the Gates of Hell which composes of 50 levels of non-stop enemies. Also, on April 29, "The Trial of St. Lucia" will be out for those who don't want to sell "Dante's" after beating it twice. It will contain online coop and a deep level editor.

Overall, this game is a sweet entertainment package. If you can't wait on Kratos' return, "Dante's Inferno" will fill the gap quite nicely. So far, 8/10.

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Re: "Dante's Inferno" is awesome. Review, sort of.

I enjoyed the demo. Ill probably pick this up down the road. I got Bioshock 2 instead. :-)

Re: "Dante's Inferno" is awesome. Review, sort of.

I just picked it up on Friday and Im lovin it except it keeps making my Xbox freeze.

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I beat the game, on normal, in about 5 hours.  After the first 3 or so levels of hell, it gets significantly faster.  The second to last level is the hardest which I think is Fraud.  I JUST beat the game literally 3 hours ago, lol and I can't remember it.  I did like 4 levels in an hour and a half.  The last level is rather short as well. 

I did post a review and gave it a 7 out of 10 not because I thought it sucked, because it didn't, but because the replay value isn't that high on it.  It's so stressing, especially towards the end that thinking about going through it again makes me want to actually go to hell. 

The very end scene of the game is super cool, too.  I highly doubt it, but I wonder if they'll do the two other parts of The Divine Comedy. 

Anywho, I would def. recommend this game to anyone who likes violence.