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Have u played the Bloodrayne game? I enjoyed it smile

Yes I did. A LOT. lol
Pretty cool one indeed.

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

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Put I Spit On Your Grave's remake on. That should fix you up. lol

Oh, no, no.   I disliked that one even more. lol


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

I knew that's why I said that!!! lol


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Mulberry Street (2006) here in the UK for some odd reason its' called Zombie Virus on Mulberry street (2006), Even the movie titled is Mulberry street , don't get the point of that at all. (I worse think about it their NOT Zombies they are infected)

I have seen this movie few times now, I really liked it, People are attacked by Rats but not killed only bitten by then.

When you did get bitten by then you will turn into blood-thirsty rat creatures, , I reallly enjoyed this movie.

I loved how transformation was slowly and you get tell how they change and the transformation was really good but there could have been a bit better.

I don't think the movie was too gory, the attack can be a bit bloody at times, I did expect it to be a bit more gory

The make up effect were really good in this movie, Rats attack was really good and Human-Rats were did look scary at times.

Ending of this movie was really good really good but very sad in this movie, kind of the whole movie feel very depressing.

Great acting from the whole cast
7 out of 10

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

kXnPunk wrote:
thedeadshallrule wrote:

Have u played the Bloodrayne game? I enjoyed it smile

Yes I did. A LOT. lol
Pretty cool one indeed.

You guys are awesome haha. The movies are bad, but i like the first and third one as guilty pleasures, the second is too atrocious and boring, not even so bad it's good for me. I LOVE the games! Best games I've ever played (GTA games as the exceptions). No I don't play games a lot.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

I love them ALL, even the second. I liked the far west setting.
But my favorite is definitely the 3rd. Nazis and Vamps, way to go. big_smile

But yes, the games are freaking cool.


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Last film i watched was Frankenstein meets The Wolfman

Watchable and relatively enjoyable sequel to the Universal's classic monster franchises but inevitably with a much reduced impact 6/10.

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Evil Dead Remake.  Didn't enjoy this much.  Nothing about the gory ass kills was interesting. No one wants to see someones face getting cut off.  Not far from a freaking snuff film with how freaking gory it was.  THere is a difference between art and gore. If you want to see that difference, GO TO THE EVIL DEAD REMAKE.

The Brood - Now that is how you make a good horror movie. Saw this for the first time and it was awesome.  Very interesting the way you can take such a ridiculous idea and make it work.

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Lake Placid
Saw it years ago but I didn't remember much. Fun movie. 7/10

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Death From Above...I went into watching this as a wrestling geek...Kurt Angle stars with James Storm, Matt Morgan and Sid Vicious..I made it ten minutes in before turning it off..I've seen better acting in xxx movies and the story was crap


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Halloween 4: Return Of Michael Myers

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Watching Dino Wolf and it's mildly entertaining in parts. A prehistoric wolf skeleton is mixed with human DNA and creates a monstrous creature. Word of advice: if you have a guy running around in a bad wolf costume, DON'T SHOW THE WHOLE THING UP CLOSE. I can bypass stuff like that but it was really bad to look at. I liked the quirky sheriff (played by Rex Manning wink) and the female agent. Gore was pretty good too. 3/10

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The Amityville Horror (1979) - Just happened to catch it on tv last night, first horror movie I have watched in awhile I mite add. I never cared for this flick much before, always preffered the second one more. But as I watched it last night I was completely into it, and really liked it! Margot Kidder is so beautiful alson so that helped some. But I found the atmosphere and pacing to be quite good which I didn't care for the first couple times seeing it, guess your mood has a lot to do with how you may perceive a film.


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I Bury The Living 8/10


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Woah man, that movie was a freaking blast. Yes I just loved it. Great acting and cool story too. That's what happen when you mess around with a Ouija board. big_smile

You can watch it on the main site:
http://www.horror-movies.ca/2012/09/wat … land-free/


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Storage 24 (2012) - On their way to the storage facility where he shares a unit with his now ex-girlfriend Shelley, Charlie and his buddy Mark are unaware that a military plan has crashed in the middle of London spilling its classified cargo throughout the city.  When they arrive at the unit they are surprised to find Shelley and her friends already there.  When the security system fails, locking them inside, an already unpleasant situation becomes down right terrifying when they discover that another unwelcome guest, courtesy of the plane crash, is already lurking within the facility.  Not a bad flick.  Nice suspense with a bit of comedic relief and gore.  My only complaints would be the sound, the sound FX were too loud and the dialogue too soft, and the goofy looking creature and ending.  3/5.

Lucky Bastard (2013) -  When seemingly mild-mannered fan Dave is selected as the latest "Lucky Bastard" and is invited to have sex with porn star Ashley Saint, it appears to be just another installment for the crew of the Lucky Bastard porn website and another fan having his wildest dreams come true.  But things go horrifically wrong when Dave is humiliated on camera and seeks retribution against the cast and crew.  Really, not a bad idea for a found footage film, and at least it is not the standard FF plot line.  Unfortunately though, the delivery and presentation were flawed.  All of the characters, with the exception of Mike the website owner, were less than believable, and the film itself just has a cheap feel to it.  There are a couple of nice looking ladies who spend considerable time in the buff, but apart from the subject matter, I can't see a reason why it would be rated NC-17.  Overall, just kind of boring.  2/5.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Of Unknown Origin (1983)

I only got half way into movie, I found very boring but I might give it another go a later year, I don't rate movie, That don't fully see!

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Phantasm II - 5.5/10

The last 20 or so minutes were pretty good and it's an OK movie, but I found it somewhat boring as I did the first (although the first is better IMO). I don't think I like the Phantasm series too much. Likely I will go back to them again to see how my opinion has changed, but I'm hesitant to watch 3 and 4 (which are taunting me on the shelf). I think this is the first horror series I have found little interest in. 

John Dies at the End - 7/10

I had a Coscarelli day I guess. I never read the book, but the movie was fun and entertaining.
It's certainly not predictable and it's great to see a fresh idea made well. I was in the mood for something over the top and a little bit silly like this and it got quite a few laughs out of me. I'm disappointed in some of the shotty effects Coscarelli allowed in the film - I think he likes that kind of thing.

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Stitches - one of the best modern slashers I've seen in a while. Very simple but a lot of fun. The kill scenes were all fantastic and very little CGI was used. Easily the best killer clown flick I've seen. 8/10

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

^ I have yet to pop it in, but it looks funny and gory so I should try to sit down ans actually watch it this weekend.
I don't think there has ever been a killer clown movie that I have liked (Killer Klowns the excpetion). Usually it's the ultra cheap ones that use clowns because it's easy and they'll have captivated a market for it just by having clowns. This one looks like a good one. 1 in 100.


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Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990)

What a awesome anthology, one of the  best , I have seen in recent weeks,  I loved it!

The movie start with A witch who ready to Cook boy but  want to read some scary stories from the book called Tales from the Darkside

Frist story Lot 249

Is about  student, Bellingham who whats Revenge after being framed from two people in Class and at he finds A mummy which he bring to life to kill them

The mummy didn't look too bad at all, I did not expect the Kills to be a bloodily as they were. some really decent Kills scenes in this parts.

This segment  flowed really well and The twist, I did not see coming at all, loved that twist of the story, also found it really funny.

8 out of 10 first story!

The second Story Cat from Hell

Which I think was the best out of 3 

Old man in wheel chair hires a Hitman  to Kill a Evil Cat.

The cats scenes were really well done, They did make the Black Cat look evil with the hissing  sound  and the attacks were not to bad at all, yeah, they may look a little bit dated now.

Some of effect this story were great, I love the cat come out body, gross, I am sure that be stuck in head for few days after this movie.


Lover's Vow (Weakest of the 3)

This started of really well, the creature was very strange but it didn't look scary at all but Kill scenes were really well gory and bloody again, which i really liked

Then the story got a little predictable and new twist, 10 years before it happened, I could hide it a bit more. 

I liked how the twist came out, very nasty gory scenes, really well made .

7 out 10

The ending of the movie, I find that ending very cheesy, it kind of felt out of place a little

This as got to be my  favorite anthology so far

I give this one 9 out of 10

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

The Bat People
Very misleading title since there's only one bat man (no pun intended). It came off more as a drama with some horror elements, but without any interesting drama or horror. When you finally get a good look at the creature, it looks like a mix between a wolf and ape. Shame, I was expecting wings too. There's some nice scenic shots when the couple are at a ski resort though. 3/10

The Food of the Gods...next.

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

The Food of the Gods
I really enjoyed it. *shudders* Goddamn rats. Speaking of, it looked like the rats were actually harmed and in some scenes had died. 8/10

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

The Awakening - 2011.

Some predictable jump scares do not kill this movie.  Overall, really entertaining, and a fairly original story...with a broad twist ending.  Not totally shocked at the twist...some parts I had no idea, others I saw coming.

Nice, enjoyable movie that had good acting and was very well done.


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The Masque of the Red Death
Absolutely wonderful. 10/10

The Reef (2010) is next. Been interested in this film for a while.