Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Master Horror wrote:

Doomwatch (1972)

Billed as a horror, it wasn't.

A rather drab affair.

Only 5/10 for nostalgia reasons but really it's a 4/10.

I've been looking for Doomwatch.

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

The Spanish film?  It's excellent

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Hostel is pathetic and the part SAW IV was also pathetic.

recently I saw The Conjuring and thats what I call a movie


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Someone of my own sensibilities- atmosphere over shock.


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Hostel RULES ALL!!! Love EVERYTHING Roth has done hey...

THE CRAFT [1996] rewatch on TV

Robin Tunney, Fairuza HOT Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True together. How the H3LL can someone NOT like this one is beyond me. I freaking DIG how EVIL like mad Fairuza Sexy is in this one. I freaking LOOOVE this movie everytime I see it. big_smile


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C'mon Punk, Hostel was the start of torture porn.  It's an FX movie with a few minutes of useless dialog.  But we cool, we all like what we like.  And I have zero room to talk- I'm known for searching out the worst of the worst horror films.

Now the Craft was nice.  Great character development (OK, I admit it got cliched towards the end), nice FX, and the eye candy wasn't bad.  And I think that was the 1st time I saw Fairuza, and man did her eyes captivate me.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

I dug The Craft as well.  Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell pre-Scream, Robin Tunney in a wig post-Empire Records, for which she shaved her head.

Horror might not have been at its best in the 90s but lately I have really been missing that era.  Spent the entirety of my 20s in the 1990s, and I hold a lot of stuff from back then very dearly.


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Probably because it died out in the late 80s, and it wasn't until Scream when it really came back.  I was in college during the mid-90s and had a few horror fan friends, and we lived off of this one place that had like every single obscure old VHS films.  (If anyone has been to State College, it was the place on the basement level on College Ave.)  And I first saw Scream on a projection screen on the Hub Lawn with my sis (1st year college) and some of my friends.  Around 800 people watching Scream for the first time on a big exposed open lawn.  heh heh heh- it was awesome.


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Ahhh well, I personaly LOVE the cool dialogs in Hostel. But my favorite of the 3 is DEFINITELY the second one. Why you ask??? Easy, IT'S ALL GIRLS!!! lol

And the ending is oh sooooo damn badass. smile

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The Midnight Meat Train (2008) 8/10

When I started watching this I just thought it was going to be a stereotypical slasher flick, I was actually quite wrong. Although it contained plenty 'o death 'n gore it had a decent plot as one would expect from something based off a Clive Barker story. Hell they even throw a twist at the end of the movie! Overall I found this to be an enjoyable watch that I would highly recommend, you won't be disappointed.

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Very true.  I watched about the first 20 minutes or so my first time and just put something else on.  Eventually I went back, and yeah, totally not what I thought at first.  An under-appreciated film.

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

I agree!


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Man what a GREAT pre-Halloween Saturday movie night!!! A bunch of awesome movies.

FINAL DESTINATION 5 [2011] rewatch

One of my favorite even if I dig them all. Pretty damn cool everything in this really. Like all of them. Not my favorite, it's the 3rd one of course damn Mary Elizabeth Winstead is in it so yes, my best of them all!!! big_smile

Bram Stoker's Dracula [1992] rewatch

Oh what an amazing classic this one is. Cast is truely AMAZING. H3LL Oldman, Hopkins, Reeves and the oh so cute and amazing Winona Ryder which I just truely LOVE!!! De Palma did a great job with it. And man, Monica Bellucci topless, what more could you ask for really??? lol

BLADE TRINITY [2004] rewatch

My favorite of them all. Of course, the insanely GORGEOUS AS H3LL Jessica Biel is in. big_smile
And man the Vampires look freaking amazing, especially the badass one at the end, HE ROCKS!!! Speaking of rocking, Kristofersen, Snipes and Reynolds are pretty cool in this too. Wesley is a great actor like the 2 others.

So yep, a very nice Horror night.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

House Of The Devil, I still love this movie so much

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

The Lords of Salem (2012)

Not very good. In fact, terrible. Looked like a TV movie from about 1974.

It was painful right to the end.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

The Fog 8/10 and not that crappy re-make.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Hear, hear.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?


Way fun one. The acting was well, not good but still enough to be enjoyable. Cheesy like all H3LL but still very entertaining.

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Zombie, aka Zombi 2

Damn, I had heard of this gem ever since I was a wee lad, and I was glad to finally add it to my collection!

It's got everything you could ask for in a zombie film, eerie atmosphere, rotting zombies, stomach turning gore, and even a shark fighting a zombie!

It's a must watch for any fan, it's probably my favorite zombie film right after The Return of the Living Dead.


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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Puppetmaster 3: Toulon's Revenge

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

American Mary


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

RED RIDING HOOD [2011] rewatch

Damn I just LOOOoooOOOVE this one it's nuts. Well the major reason why is that my sweet, lovely, sexy gorgeous hot as H3LL Amanda Seyfried plays in it but not only that. The story and whole atmosphere is freaking amazing. Excellent acting and phenomenal cinematography. A freaking enjoyable ride from beginning to end it is. big_smile


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

That's a very good movie and Amanda is one of my favorite actresses! smile


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Yes she's also one of my all times favorite. Girl is incredibly talented. AND very cute, what beautiful eyes she has. smile

They're on a Polanski kick tonight and I have NOTHING against that,


Man I've always LOVED Polanski and this is another of his numerous masterpieces. What amazing images he pitches in our eyes from beginning to end. Great story and acting too. Yup, a marvel of a movie.

ROSEMARY'S BABY [1968] rewatch

What a wonderful classic it is. But the most wonderful about this is not only the shots but most especially Mia Farrow's INSANELY INCREDIBLE performance. One of the best of her carreer for me. I hate Cassavetes' character, what a fuckhead husband he is. Not his fauly, he's possessed but still. If I was her, I'd get the H3LL away from him and the house.

Amazing story and movie.

Thank you Radio-Canada for this nice night back in the sixties. big_smile

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