Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Hellraiser: Deader (Video 2005)

This not were near as good as first movie movies or 5 or 6, I do think it just tiny bit better then 4th movie in the series.

Only saw this few hours ago, I swear, I don't remember much that really happened in the movie

There were some bloody moment , I would say bit more bloody then last two movie in the series.

I just could not get into this movie at all, as the plot was bit to bland , I thought, I did not care anyone in this movie at all.

Even the main lead, I found really annoying and I find ending really cheap and I did not
like as much as the other sequel.

it's was not as boring as fourth movie in the series,
Which I give this movie 4 out of 10

Hellraiser: Hellworld (Video 2005)

Don't why but I blame Halloween: Resurrection (2002) for this , I hated that so much, yet this is not as bad that but it that far be hide it all. Most of the movie I just had Halloween 8 all over again.

I thought last was really bad but this one even worse one in the whole series (No I won't counting in the Revelations as not going bother with it all )

Gamers playing a MMORPG based on the "Hellraiser" franchise find their lives endangered after being invited to a rave whose host intends to show them the truth behind the Cenobite mythos.

I found first half of hour of movie was just a waste of time, were nothing really happens, I Don't mind slow start, at least give us something to chew on for a bit but nothing.

Then the teens are getting killed in this movie , some of the death scene are bloody but in a way they looked really cheap.

the effect were not that good at all, However did seem have a bit more bloody moment in this movie then last few sequels (Which dose not make good Hellrasier movie)

The acting ( If you can call it that) from all teens. they were do dame annoying. i was fast forward some parts of the movie, voice started get on nerve.

And the twist was was utter rubbish, its so predicable from the first moment the movie started

The bland twist kind fitted in well with rest of the movie which was very bland indeed.
The Hellrasier series ends here for me.

1 out of 10

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Hellraiser series is total shit, yeah don't want to replace. Sorry Lon but I hate Hellraiser as much as Puppet Master, except for the awesome first film. I wonder why most people mistakenly type "Hellrasier" instead of "Hellraiser" I mean comme on it's not really that hard to notice.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

If you were sorry, you wouldn't have said it to begin with.  And I can only give you so many warnings before I have to keep my word, kid.  Plus I'm tired of getting on you for it and coming off like a prudish snoot.

I won't warn you again.

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Saw lots of horror movies in Chrismas Holiday but didn't bother to review them: Hatchet, Hatchet II, Society, what else.... uh Battle Royale many times. Oh yeah also Tucker And Dale VS Evil, seing that quote in the game makes me want to watch the movie again. Watched also Death Note live.

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

A Lost Boy wrote:

Saw lots of horror movies in Chrismas Holiday but didn't bother to review them: Hatchet, Hatchet II, Society, what else.... uh Battle Royale many times. Oh yeah also Tucker And Dale VS Evil, seing that quote in the game makes me want to watch the movie again. Watched also Death Note live.

What did you think of the Hatchet movies? I didn't care for them at all. Nice splattery kills but it felt too shallow.

I watched Society too - talked about it on the last page.

And I don't think I could watch the Death Note movie(s) - I liked the series enough.

Oh and Lon your new avatar is terrifying and funny at the same time.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

^^^ Makes me wish I was as good with photoshopping as I am with a pencil on paper.  I'm a hell of a sketch artist but trying to make artwork with a mouse on a monitor?  Not so much. lol


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En las afueras de la ciudad aka Hidden in the Woods (2012) - The  story of two Chilean sisters raised in isolation by an abusive father who stashes drugs for the local drug lord.  When their father kills two policemen and is sent to jail, it appears that the young women will finally be free of his torment.  But things go from bad to worse when they discover that the drug lord, Uncle Costello, sends out his goons to retrieve his merchandise before their father can blab to the police.  Uncle Costello and his men will soon discover however, that there is more than drugs hidden in the woods and that the sisters and their father hide an even darker secret.  The first horror movie that I can recall from Chile, and for the most part, it was really well done.  Brutal and gruesome, just as I had anticipated, with a nice little plot twist that I didn't quite see coming.  However, the second half is kind of all over that place and the final act that plays out a bit like a Kill Bill flick, which is not a bad thing, but it kind of changes the tone and feeling of the movie.  Still, one worth checking out, especially if you like Spanish language films.  3.5/5.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Terror Train

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Tremors 10/10
The People Under the Stairs 10/10

Can't stand being in basements because of PUTS, always feels like I'm being watched.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Black Christmas (remake)


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Puppet Master (1989)

I have seen  half of it this before, Cause I found at little slow back then and turned it off half way in as I got bored a few years ago , this movie dose have some very some slow parts.

Which can be a bit boring, it did take me while before the movie really get me in, I wasn't really into the movie until after the half away mark of the movie.

I did like Puppets were really good and creepy, really well made,  Creepy Puppets and like how they moved, 

There were some decent plot however this movie dose seem a little out dated,  the acting was little cheesy then I thought it be,

I found some parts a bit too silly even for this kinda of movie, Yes, I know it's was meant to be Silly but i expected something else silly, like Dolls or Child Play, which I really liked.

5 out of 10

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Frontiere(s) 2007.

Really getting into the french new wave of horror at the moment. I loved Martyrs and while I didn't love high tension, I liked it. Frontiere(s) was recommended to me after I said I wanted more like Martyrs with it strong messages but without the emotional trauma that comes with it. Frontiere(s) is about a group of thieves on the run during political riots in Paris, the find themselves in a hostel just outside of paris where they think they are safe only to find out that it is the home of a Neo-Nazi cannibal family. In the great scheme of things, it's a french version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There are some nice characters there but it really is nothing I haven't seen before which was a shame. If I totally disregarded it's similarities to so many other movies such as TCM or Hostel it is a good movie. The kills are pretty nasty, look out for a great head explosion! The gore is reasonably graphic and it did satisfy me but from what I've seen of french new wave I was (probably wrongly) expecting it to be far more graphic and brutal. I liked it but it just wasn't anything new or fantastic. I so wanted to love it! 7/10


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Vamps (2012)


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Puppet Master (1989)

I was didn't think the first was that good however I thought it was decent

This sequel was start  of really good, As the Puppets brought back the Master of the Dead.

I liked this movie just a bit a better then first movie, I liked the fact that show a lot more of the Puppets.

The movie didn't take to long to get started, i found most of really entertaining but however after second half, some parts did drag on a little and found those part a little boring,

The ending was just really odd and a bit Creepy,

I give this movie 6 out of 10


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

The Sandman (1995), an SOV horror flick directed by J.R. "The Dead Next Door" Bookwalter.  I hadn't seen it since its original release and have been looking for it ever since, just to see if it's as decent as I remember it being.

Given that it's shot on video, had next-to-no budget and amateur actors, it's really not all that bad -- though be advised that SOV flicks are an acquired taste, to say the least.  Yeah the acting is stiff, it's over-written and super, super cheap, but you could do a lot worse as far as SOV flicks go.  While most of these films are heinous and god-awful, you have to appreciate the ones that at the very least strive to be a cut above, and this is one of them.  For a shot-on-video flick, you could do a lot worse (I'm looking at you, Necro Files).

Next up on the SOV watch-list: J.R. Bookwalter's Polymorph.  Another one I haven't seen since the mid-late 90s, and stars Araiuna Albright and James L. Edwards (the stars of Bloodletting).


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Werewolf of London (1935)

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Just finished a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie night marathon, my dvd of The Saw Is Family is cracked down the middle, it was used and old so didnt watch that one. Dont have the 2003 one, I remember watching it with sheriff Hoyt in it, but it must of been unimpressive cuz I dont own it lol

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

^^TCM 2003 is a great movie. sad
It was, at the time, the most hardcore film I saw. It's also one of my earliest horror movies I got on dvd.

Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Dance of the Dead, such a awesome movie.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

The Possession (2012).  Jeffrey Dean Morgan stars as a divorced father who buys his daughter an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that it's actually a prison for demon.  Daughter opens the box and voila -- one possessed little girl.  Has a lot in common with The Exorcist, the key difference being that this flick involves Jewish demonolgy rather than Catholic. 

Still, while it's basically a b-movie, it's very well done, with keen direction, believable characters and strong performances, especially by Morgan and the young actress playing his possessed daughter.  It also has an old-school slow and steady build up with some genuinely creepy moments (the MRI scene was nicely ghoulish).  Normally I avoid PG13 horror but I read some good reviews so thought I'd give the flick a shot.  Glad I did. 

If you're tired of cardboard characters, weak storylines, music video-style direction, rapid-fire editing tricks and actually have an attention span, give this one a look.  7/10.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge (Video 1991)

I was hoping this was going to be Sequel to the Second, which kind of make the end of part useless.

This movie now prequel and back in 40's or 50's when there a war going on.

I liked the fact we get see how some Puppets came to mind however this movie were I think they lose there Creepy factor.

The plot was decent, it flowed really well thoughtout the movie, there were some bloodly moment but nothing to gory.

The acting wasn't to be in this movie, it's can be wooden now and again, I thought it was decent 

I give this movie 5 out of 10,  Same and the first one, I don't think it was good as the second one.

Puppet Master 4 (Video 1993) 
I thought this was best one yet, (No, I am not Drunk lol )  I really enjoyed this one the most.

I had fun of start to end of this movie, it's started of as Cheese as you can get,
in the underworld of Hell  (It''s kind of reminds of old Power ranger shows I used to watch when I was  kid lol )    , the demon Sutekh  send to of Totems  which really nasty little creatures

Rick Myers who ends up coming cross the Puppets and then bring they back for his own entertainment.

Soon the puppets turn good and defend the Humans  against the Totems and battle break with Blade and one of Creature.

I love Jester face kepts changing in fight scenes, I found it's really funny, I think could of helped that if thee kids in this movie instead of Adults.

I can see why not many people like this movie, there was really limited on on kill scenes, there not many bloody moment.

Some of the acting in this movie, as got to be worse anything in this series so. I think lead guy the only you acting didn't not bother me.

Overall going to give this a 6 out of 10 (I was going give 7 but I was hoping of for more gore)

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter (1994)

This movie start off just Day after Puppet Master 4, which I thought was decent idea, to give a hint of first in it.

This movie did have bit more of plot then the one before, everyone from last movie turn, even Sutekh   who creates a new creature.

This was entertaining to watch and it's never  it's boring at all as them movie flows really well..

The acting was decent in this movie, better then the one before.

I give this movie 5 out of 10

I going to skip sixth, really messed thing up with no Torch and bring back Leech Woman, when she killed in part 2!

By missing 6, Part 7 is sequel to Part 3 ?

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Zombie (1979)-  I can't remember when I last watched this movie? It was on VHS though, so that kinda puts it in perspective. While watching it late last night, it brought back some great memories. One of those memories was when it first came out in theaters and watching it for the first time in a grindhouse theater in downtown San Diego, with my brother. If memory serves me right? We stayed and watched it again.

While watching it last night I was brought back to a time when movies were made solely for entertainment, and were just plain ol' fun to watch. No matter the genre. (I miss those days sad  )    Although not as shocking as DOTD, Zombie stands as a worthy addition to classic zombi films. The makeup on the zombies:  maggots and worms coming out of eye sockets, and peeling/rotting flesh, it's what a long dead corpse would look like. The music score also added to the creepiness of the movie. Tense at times and somber at others. The acting wasn't the best, but that's not a problem. The film is well paced. Not too dramatic, not too slow, not too fast. A worthwhile addition to my DVD collection and a " must see" for all horror fans

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Re: Last horror movie you watched?

^^^ Great flick, and I love the synthesizer score.  Did you listen to the commentary?  Oddly enough, of the two commentators, star Ian McCulloch -- who recorded the commentary only a month before he passed away -- has the most anedcotes, despite the recording session being the first time he'd seen the film since having shot it.

Anyhoo, classic flick, one of Fulci's absolute best IMO.


Re: Last horror movie you watched?

Retro Puppet Master (Video 1999)

This is seventh movies in series, however this was  a prequel to 1991's Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge, Which was also prequel  to the first movie.

Sutekh has given life to three of his oldest servants and who start killing people by saying die
they are after secret of life that the master as.

I found really how people are killed of in this movie,  Servants say Die, then people just drop dead,

This was very slow, it's stay one stage never seem go on to next lever, it's felt one very long scene

The acting was very wooden in this movie,  this was very flat,

This movie had no gore and toys didn't even attack until near the end however we do find out why the Puppet start to Kill.

3 out of 10,