Topic: RE5: Lost in Nightmares - Good, but too short!

The classic "Resident Evil" asthetic is in full swing in "Lost in Nightmares" and that's best thing about it. If you played the original "Resident Evil", then you'll be pleased with this hour long episode. It's great, but way too short. Still, it's only $5, so it's not a bad deal. There are four difficulty levels, a few new acheivements and you can play in single player or in coop (online or splitscreen). There is also the "new" Mercenaries mini-game with Barry Burton and another character as playable characters. Again, a good deal for only five bucks.

In "Lost in Nightmares", Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield make their way through a spooky mansion, a basement and underground catacombs. It's a quality episode and it'll make you wonder why "Resident Evil 5" wasn't a throwback to the original game rather than a follow-up to the action oriented fourth installment.