Topic: Brian Keene's novel The Rising: What a joke.

This is by far the most pathetic excuse for a novel I've ever had the misfortune of reading.  Granted, this is the only Keene book I've read, but I can't imagine his crummy writing could get any better.  Here's an excerpt: HAS STRONG LANGUAGE....

She heard voices now, much closer.  Voices she recognized.
"Damn, G! Check that shit out."
Horn Dawg.
"Mother-fucking Marquon.  I told that nigga to watch his ass. Now look at him."
"Hey, look at this.  Dessert! I'll be right with you gentlemen."
The Zombie.
Their reply was a volley of gunshots, followed by more ringing.  At first, Frankie thought it was in her ears, but dimly she realized it was another cell phone.
"Yo, T-Bone snapped, cutting the chime off abruptly. "Whassup?"
Silence, and then  "You stupid mother fuckers! Wha'chu mean he let it out of its fucking cage? Shit, did he think the bitch was gonna hide in there wit it?"
Frankie resumed watch at the door, in time to see T-Bone viciously jamming the phone into his pocket. lol The zombie lay in a bullet-ridden pile at his feet.
"Who that is?" inquired Horn Dawg.
"Fucking C. He said Willie let the damn lion out of its cage.  Thought that ho' might be hiding inside."
"Yo, maybe we should forget about all this," Horn Dawg replied, his face turning ashen. "A fucking lion on the loose? Naaa yo. I don't think so."
"Fucking C is on fucking crack. He say the lion be talking to him and shit!"
     The sudden growl from the bushes beyond the fountain was deep and rambling, a symphony of perfect bestial rage.  Then the foliage parted and it padded into the moonlight, the king of the jungle.
The king was dead. Long live the king.
The lion grinned. lol

HAHAHA: this was enough to make me put the book down and never read another keene book again.  Absolutely painful to read.

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Bummer sad

I love Keene wink

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Hm...I can't really get into Keene, either, I read City of the Dead, wasn't too impressed, sadly.