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on film...

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its a rough time for filmmakers.. 

How you doing my man Acey ??

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I'm barely surviving babe. I just read 4 more articles and 1 video presentation on indie film distribution.

Bottom line, make the movie acap (as cheap as possible), post it for free, accept donations.

If you plan to sell DVD's, load 'em up with special features...and pray

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Honestly it would seem that the best way to get your money back out of your film is to visit the horror conventions. It costs money to rent a table but usually you get it for a whole weekend and you have a captive audience. I have yet to try this strategy but my mentor of sorts Chris Seaver says that he makes half of his yearly grosses from only a couple horror conventions. So i think thats really the best way to do it. That and successfully creating a niche for yourself as Sonny seems to be doing on this site.

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Well let's see:

Underground Horrorfest - 9 hour drive, 1 night hotel room, table fee---9 copies sold.

Dark Woods Horror Con - 4 hour drive, 2 nights hotel room, table fee---4 copies sold.


I must be attending the wrong conventions. If I attend the horror con in my own city next month and fail, I quit.

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somehow - do what those twats who created paranormal activity did

create a heap of fake blog/forum accounts - and post a lot of hype saying this movie is the most scary shit i have every scene - i couldnt get to sleep that night - i wet the bed - i fingered my dads butthole i was soo scared - i almost poked my eyes out i was that scared - n so on

i dont think people give a fuck about special features - when i go to buy a dvd - i wanna buy it because its a good film

if you havent got a huge budget - you may just have to deal with what you got - if you got shitty actors - make a comedy

but its gotta be hard - i couldnt imagine producing/writting/directing a movie - id end up killing the people i work with from frustration - then any post production frustration - prolly end up going on a mental killing spree

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Well ZOMBIE, as much as I'd like to "hype it", I can't.

Deceiving the public, is something the public is getting tired of, or at least I think so. Well wait, yes, they are.

Yes, I know I'm right. Piracy is the reason I know.

Without getting into it, people want to see the product before the purchase. They're tired of "hype", fancy trailers with all the good stuff, shit talk about how "great this is".

Now mind you, promotion is a form of hype, but the things said in promotion, the preentation of promotion, etc. etc.

I don't know, maybe I'll make my next film and hype the hell out of it. But will it do any good?

back and forth, back and forth. We'll see.

And yes, killing people from the frustration...let's just say that it's a VERY good thing I'm actually have no idea.

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true - dont become one of those over hyping fuck holes

promotion could be done well with fakebook - myspace - a little website - some professional looking posters - a little trailer, outlining the plot and provide a bit of a tease - teasing cxnts really works i think -
like the la horde trailer - they teased the shit outta me with that - no info on release date - building alot of hunger for me

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I'm thinking of slowing down a bit with things, maybe like the way I used to make women want me so much when I was in my 20's.

There's a strategy, I just have to find it...

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hmmmmm - not much hope i see sad

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dude, I'm just facing reality.

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nuh - i didnt mean to say your giving up -

i tried to think of something that might make you go "ah ha! why didnt i think about that"

but i got nothing - piracy does ruin things - it makes it alot harder for up n comers to break into the scene - either movies or music - id like to start a record label for electronic noise, but the current big name labels are struggling - i pirate stuff - but if i truely like something, i usually go out n buy the dvd/bluray/record/album
most people though - just dont give a shit - dont understand the hard work and effort put into producing these entertaining pieces

therefore the 'not much hope i see sad'

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I wasn't trying to be a jerk about the horror convention thing. I've seen trailers for your film and my friends and i really dig it. I'm going to buy a copy as soon as i get a some form of income. I was merely saying that for a lot of people i know in Ohio, the convention circuit is pretty good to them. There is cinema wasteland in Cleveland and a festival in Erie, Pa that are really big. I was actually thinking of going to some of those horror conventions in TN as my buddy who starred in my film is dating a girl from rockwood.
I'd say just hang in there. You seem to have a solid project.