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I saw a really good horror movie in the hotel on one of my last vacations, I'd like to rent or buy it, but I cannot remember the name for the life of me. Im almost positive it was a german film (subtitled). The premise was 2 girls go to medical school where they operate on cadavers. Eventually the girls are given a cadaver of a man they met on the train out to the hospital (or something). They soon uncover a plot where someone is killing people by injecting them with some sort of blood-thickener..there was also some business with a secret society of doctors at the hospital...

it reminded me an aweful lot of a museum exhibit i had seen which is what sparked my interest in the film. The cadaver could be posed after having some large pieces of flesh removed to demonstrate what muscles or organs are used in certain activities. very strange.

anyways if anyone has seen the movie and could tell me the name, i would greatly appreciate it.

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Hey there,

I believe you are thinking of ANATOMY

which was the first movie I know of that used the creepy BODY WORKS process of injecting plastisine into the body as a plot.  I'm not sure if the horse in THE CELL was the same idea or not, but this movie did a pretty good job with the effect.

There was a sequel made for this movie that I have not seen, but I really dug ANATOMY.

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Hmm just the fact that Franka Potente stars in the film has me intrigued.. I loved her performance in Creep and Run Lola Run.. I might have to hunt this one down.. Thanks for the find Tastebloods..

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My pleasure.  It gets silly in the end, but has that nice Euro feel throughout.