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all dvds are original store bought company release prints. all titles are $7 each unless noted otherwise. free shipping. if your interested, contact me george gill

- flesh for the beast
- ichi the killer
- venom
- autopsy
- the killer must kill again
- zombie death house
- rubber's lover
- sleepaway camp 2
- fear no evil
- david cronenberg's crash
- meet the feebles
- cube zero
- dead end drive in
- freddys nightmares season 1
- slave of the cannibal god
- unhinged
- massacre at dinosaur valley
- cannibal anthropophagous 2000
- phantasm 3

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EDIT- oops.  I did NOT report him.  I missed where he was posting (Bartering/Trading Forum).  My apologies for jumping the gun.

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Freddy's Nightmares, hmmm

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On Freddy's Wish List