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Deserted House The latest Korean horror movie by director Lee Cheol-ha's looks like it's Korean's answer to The Blair Witch Project or any other 'Hand-Cam horror' it might be a few years behind, but by the looks of things it promises to be alot more ...

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This looks pretty awesome! I like the "Handy Cam" horror films. When done right, they can be amazingly realistic and so easy to get sucked into their world. I hope this gets a US release on DVD.

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Ron666.. I'm with you on this.  Deserted House does look pretty cool.  At first I was having my doubts.. but the trailer definately picks up and I'm hooked.  Cant wait to check this one out.

deth_banger - Good find.


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I've lived in Korea for 12 years, even acted in some low level Korean films, and i am not sorry to say, that like most, if not all Korean films I've seen, this also takes the cake as an utterly cheesy, corny attempt at replicating a foreign film style. acting is extremely poor, effects are well overdone,. oh i'm sorry, did i see this in the slapstick comedy box at the local 200 won (20 cent) vhs video bargain store?
i find greater horror in walking through places like Itaewon or opening my fridge.  such irony ... capital city is named Seoul yet the only country in the world with no soul at all, more so in film making.  Maybe they should stop using actresses like Uhm Jung Hwa in movies. The cow in Wonangsori though did a pretty good acting job i think. Good replacement for Uhm Jung Hwa? I guess it speaks better  English.

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