Topic: AAAAAH!! Indie Horror Hits, Volume 1

Film Overview
Directed By: Miguel Gallego Directed By: Vance Null Directed By: Christopher Alan Broadstone Directed By: Anthony Falcon Directed By: Mike Flanagan Directed By: Kevin Greutert Directed By: Mike Jackson
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Release Date: 2008-10-31
Running Time: 1:50
Content Rating: PG14 (Parental Guidance)
DVD Region: All Regions
Media Format: DVD-R
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Audio Language(s): English
Subtitle Language(s): English, Spanish
Genres: Horror >> General :: Horror >> Supernatural :: Short Films >> Collections

"All Killer - No Filler!" Discover a feature length collection of great & award winning short horror films by independent filmmakers - including the Director of SAW 6.

“4 of 5 stars�  - GOREZONE MAGAZINE

“...every film offers something fresh and unique to the horror genre... and had me thirsting for more.�  - HORROR SOCIETY

“... some of the best short films I have seen in a while. This is real film making at it's best!�  - HORROR NEWS

“...consider adding this to your horror film collection. You won’t be disappointed.�  - THEOFANTASTIQUE

These films caused a buzz on the festival circuit - then vanished.

If you saw them the first time you know what we mean. If you missed them then, enjoy them now.

From a dark, cautionary tale (THE CRYPT CLUB with Alison Pill) to gallows humor on the job (GHOST BUSTED); from the grotesque otherworld inspired by H.P. Lovecraft (THE VEIL) to present-day outbreak fears (THE NINTH ENTRY); from the stylishly bizarre (MY SKIN!) and the chillingly macabre (OCULUS) to the dire family survival drama (OLD FRIENDS from the Director of SAW 6).

Dim the lights & dig in for your own private horror film festival.

THE CRYPT CLUB (23:00 Canada) Dir: Miguel Gallego
GHOST BUSTED (3:00 USA) Dir: Vance Null
MY SKIN! (13:00 USA) Dir: Christopher Alan Broadstone
THE NINTH ENTRY (5:00 USA) Dir: Anthony Falcon
OCULUS (32:00 USA) Dir: Mike Flanagan
OLD FRIENDS (14:30 USA) Dir: Kevin Greutert
THE VEIL (12:00 Canada) Dir: Mike Jackson