Topic: Upcoming Independent Hall9ween Movie!!!

Today I was talking to a couple of my buddies about makign a short movie this summer The idea was in the air for a few months now and today i was askign them if they were still up to make it and They were like sure. So anyway I got this awesome idea for a short halloween movie Called Halloween 9 I think im gonna change the title cuz its not really a Hallween Sequel but thats what im going to call it for now. I have an awesome twist that you wont see coming and if you pay attendtion to the halloween movies your'll see where im going;) i gotta keep it under wraps for now. But the plot is plain and simply Its about 4 friends that are drunk ( thats for you RIP ) and high get locked in their basement. They hear noises upstairs and banging around as they get more scared by the minute They find out that Michael Myers is Roamign their house and hes there to find his relative.( Theres the Twist ) Im gonna start writing and then start posting stuff on myspace and finally get the movie on it. Im plannign to start filming late June Early July and get it on the web in Mid July soo Ill keep you guys updated on this=D