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Just saw Deth_Banger's post.  Though you obviously couldn't see much, what was me a bit of hope along with the pictures.  Though of course, fans of the original film know how this one is going to end.  Unless they opt for borrowing a bit from the Dark Horse comics or the game for an ending tweak.

Can't wait to see a full trailer.

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Hard to catch much of anything with the camera bouncing all over the place.  I have a feeling the person filming was probably trying to hide the fact that they were doing so.  Can't wait to see an official trailer for it.

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Yeah, I'm excited...I mean what the he'll it's The Thing! Personally I think they should leave off right where the 82 version left off. That would be awesome! I think it will still be cool to see all of the events leading up to Carpenters version.

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I think they should have taken inspiration from 'The Thing' videogame and comic books and made a sequel.  I remember back when the game was coming out Carpenter talked about using it as a jumping off point for a new movie.  IMO the game was a mixed bag.  Had a great concept; so-so execution...for one the flamethrowers always shot at the ground unless you were kneeling.

I'm wondering how they're going to really end this film.  I think it was posted a few months back they're going to end it where Carpenter's film began...which would leave an open end for a sequel (and I guess a true-remake if they went down that path).