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I'm rather new to these forums although i've been browsing for some time I just recently (today) joined and wanted to share a horror short project that a friend and I worked on over the past few weeks..  This is the first production and therefore could use some critiquing and suggestions toward what we hope to turn into multiple horror shorts and longer features.  Thanks for checking it out and I look forward to the feedback,

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Re: Indie Horror Short

I thought the score was excellent, and really added something to the movie. The boy's preparations for his suicide seemed realistic and made me sympathetic to the character. My one real complaint is that the use of the fan seemed logistically unrealistic. When you touch a fan like that one, the blade stops--it's not that strong. I think I would have preferred if he had continued on the course set at the beginning.

I'm trying to give feedback without giving away the story altogether, so I know this is a bit cryptic, but I hope it's what you're looking for. Overall, I found it interesting and was drawn in.