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Did anyone see this is was on BBC 2 at christmas. Now I like weird and thought provoking programs but I didn't understand any if this! I watched 4 times on iplayer just to see if I noticed anything different or understood it more. For those who haven't seen it, it stars John Hurt as a man who goes on holiday and then weird things happen i.e. ghostly figures on the beach, scratching noise in the hotel room, someone/ something trying to get in his room etc. What was the deal with the boy in the chair, the smashed dolls head, the ring etc.? If anyone did see it can you give your views and whether it made any sense to you?

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i haven't yet, but if it's still on the iplayer i'll give it a watch tomorrow! wink

it's a remake of a 1968 bbc drama - … ome_to_You

sounds interesting! smile

LOL swelly beat me to it! lol

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I didn’t see but it sounds good.

but if you have late night Cinimax try and catch “whistle while I come on you.” great movie, surprisingly happy ending.

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I think you'll like it. It was good, they created a really tense atmosphere and John Hurts acting was incredible. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, it was just really confusing and some parts of it seemed really random at times.