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Good day,

Please find (there: ) the two first episodes of a series of short, horrific slapstick silent movies. Episode 0 deals with treachery and giant botanical beings, while episode 1 elaborates on the themes of melancholy, revenge and eternal sleep. More episodes are in the making...

Please let us know what you think of them!

A few pictures:

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I really enjoyed that! You captured the feel of a silent film excellently, from the acting and makeup, to the dialogue boards, to the score. I'll look forward to more!

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Thanks for the feedback Dar! It's really good to hear. We started a facebouc (ahah) fan page, where we'll put news about the next episodes: … 7034646045


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Found it and liked it! Did you get my PM?

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Just noticed it, and answered!


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I love Lovecraft novels and B&W old movies - specially German expressionism ones. Great job, Bouc Astral :-)