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Picked up a copy on Amazon. Was pretty good. Anybody seen it?

Nite Tales: The Series

Night Watch
This episode begins with a new security guard, Omar, working on the night shift. Dealing with boredom, Omar decides to amuse himself by inspecting and talking to some of the warehouse merchandise, life-like mannequins. When strange things begin to happen, Omar suspects foul-play, but is in for a surprise.
Your Nightmare: Dolls/Mannequins

Dark Heart
A girl who seeks closure from her father’s death is recommended to a psychic. When two friends go with the young lady for support, the psychic warns the girl she could get more than she bargained for if anyone amongst them has a “dark heart.” Finding the situation too weird, the young women leave to deal with matters on their own, but soon their night turns deadly.
Your Nightmare: Spiritual Forces/Ghosts

A soldier, a wrestler, a model, a surfer, a rapper, and a gymnast all wake up in the same room. Upon investigation, the room holds no entrances or exits, nor does anyone show any signs of struggle.  Furthermore, no one has any recollection as to why they are all in the same room. In order to get out of the room, the victims must overcome their differences and work together, or face never getting out.
Your Nightmare: Reality is not what it seems.

I’m A Star
“Sporteo” has a dream to become a Hip-Hop star, but first he must impress some Record Label managers, including superstar “Z-Diddy.” When given the snub, Sporteo decides not to give up and heads to a hip-hop battle-off at a local club. Jeered off stage and feeling dejected, a long time friend says he can cut Sporteo a deal, but at a price.
Your Nightmare: Being buried alive.

Black Widow
Lisa, an attractive single lady in her 20s, is having a hard time convincing her mother to let her have a dating life outside of the family business. Lisa’s mother runs the business from home for fear of going outside, and has no intentions of letting her daughter become distracted with a social life. She decides to take matters into her own hands in a case of “mommy knows best.”
Your Nightmare: Deceptive women.

I think Trapped was my favorite episode because of the twist ending. Anybody else?

Re: Nite Tales on DVD

Nite tales huh?  Havent heard of it...was it a TV series?  A weird 80s thing maybe like tales from the darkside?