Topic: "Cousin Sarah," New Witch Flick

Linda Blair returned to horror in the supernatural teen thriller, “Cousin Sarah.” The story follows Crystal, a teenage girl, living with her mother in northern California, who’s cousin stops by unexpectedly during the summer that rocks her world when she unearths a dark secret that reveals her cousin is a witch.

The film stars “The Exorcist” horror icon, Linda Blair, “Sorority Row’s” Leah Pipes, “Napoleon Dynamite’s” Haylie Duff, “Saving Private Ryan’s” Tom Sizemore, “The Bird’s” Tippi Hedren, “J and Silent Bob’s” Jason Mewes, and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s” Teri McMinn.

The film is being helmed by auteur director, Jenni Gold.

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Looks promising.  I'm a Linda Blair fan.