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I need to rant.

I have been fucking dying to get my grubby hands on this film. I remember when it was first released on DVD and I was working at HMV, I saw it but didn't pick it up, waiting for the price to drop a bit. It went OOP shortly after (as I am sure many of you know) because the company BCI went under. Noe you can't get it for less than like $50 at best, some are $100. I regret so much not paying 20 for it now haha. I have been searching ever since it went OOP, almost 2 years now. Of course before the internet was not an option for me because I did not have a way to pay for things online. But the thing is that this was in print for such a short amount of time that how many actually sold? How many can then be for sale used? I hate myself! I just refuse to spend $50 (and more) on a DVD. I have my name on "watch lists" in stores that accept used movies so that when/if the films comes in used they will call me and let me know haha. Like I am going crazy trying to get this damn thing. I don't care that after the first scene there are no murders for like an hour, or that it is practically bloodless. DAMN YOU BCI!!!

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It's actually a pretty good slasher. I don't have the DVD either, I still have a VHS copy. I will and have paid well over $50 for a DVD, but not for a copy of Final Exam. If you really want to see it just buy a VHS copy from Amazon or Ebay if you can find one at a reasonable price.

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Yah I looked at a few VHS copies, but most, with the shiiping come up to 30 or more, so we will see if cheaper ones come up. I would prefer the DVD of course, but if there is a copy on VHS that I just cannot pass up then it shall be mine. wink