Topic: Now Available: REVENGE FLICK!

Hi, guys.  I'm pretty excited about this, wanted to share it with my pals here on HorrorMovies.Ca:

From the writer of MIDNIGHT RAIN, THE WICKED, and ANIMOSITY comes REVENGE FLICK!, a twisted homage to exploitation cinema and the work of Quentin Tarantino . . . .

Behind the wheel of his Mustang, a rotting corpse riding shotgun, The Man With No Balls is on a quest for blood.

Once known as Roy “RJ” Taylor, he had a job in construction, a vintage black mustang, a double-wide trailer, and a loving wife with a sweet ass. A part-time actor already in his 40s, he had all but abandoned his dreams of becoming the next Brad Pitt.

When he got a part in the latest film by celebrity film director Terry Quintana, it looked like RJ would finally get his big shot. But what should have been a dream come true soon spiraled into his worst nightmare.

Now RJ is no more, and The Man With No Balls has taken his place. Shotgun in hand, death in his thoughts, he is on a mission for REVENGE…

Order your copy today: … duct_id=39

Also, while I have your attention, my debut novel, MIDNIGHT RAIN, has just been re-released as an e-book. Now, I don't blame you guys at all if you don't want to read on a computer screen.  God knows I don't -- I love the look, feel, and smell (yeah, I said it, *smell*) of a real *book*.  But I figured it was worth a mention:

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my spiel, guys. Means a lot.  smile


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