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Re: Horror With A Message

I rewatched Trolljegeren (Troll Hunter) yesterday. It's deals out some pretty mean punches to Norwegian healthcare.

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LoudLon wrote:
Ms45 wrote:

but mainly after reading 'Men, Women, and Chain Saws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film' by Carol J Clover.. haha.

Heh.  I tried reading that but was quickly turned off by its token psychoanalysis.  I've never read a book written by someone who likes to hear herself talk (or read herself write) as much as Clover apparently does. hmm

agreed.. though i think she's still pretty right on with much of the stuff she said... and from what I can tell, Clover's analysis had a huge impact on the genre.. I'm guessing Wes Craven based Scream on a lot of Clover's ideas..

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28 Days Later expresses the dangers of animal experimentation but that's fairly obvious.

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Black Sunlite wrote:
MistressOf Horror wrote:

I think I will check that one out

Ghostseeker wrote:

I ordered it from Flix earlier after reading the Post.

Sunlite - Hope it's got a bunch of our hopes up.  smile

Alright, so what do y'all think of it?

Pretty good.  Interesting.  Loved the song it opened and closed with.

The murder was pretty disturbing.  Hated it actually.

Didn't think it was as good as you did, but a solid flick.

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I just saw "IRREVERSIBLE" last night and was simply blown away.  So I just had to bring it up in this thread. 

For a long time I've heard that this movie was a "must see" and now I totally agree.  I don't know if anyone can correctly label it "a horror movie".  Yet, by the fantastic way this film was done, I'd say at the very least, it's the equivalent of "PULP FICTION" on steroids.

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