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Here's the thing.... if you're going to do a horror movie focusing on the exploits or killing spree of a single entity or character, you should at least feature the character prominently, or don't bother making a horror film.

While the Blood Night began on a sure foot, establishing the Mary legend, it quickly nose dived after the set-up into yet another horribly long yack fest with teens talking about sex, sex innuendo, drugs, booze, partying, jocks vs nerds, and more sex... while the antagonist (Ms. Hatchet... who gets star being in the title) stays in the craft services trailer for a sizable chunk of the film. And when she  finally gets a chance to swing steel into flesh, her footage is mostly relegated  to close-ups of her and quickly swung metal that finds its mark in legs, heads, etc, or  suddenly appearing in the back seat of a car.... Oh God... what a cliche that is.

And while the film was bloody, the whole character of Mary was nothing more than a cypher; a pair of arms to swing axes. Although that one delicious shot of her thundering down the school hall  dressed as a schoolgirl with her big steely weapon was nice.  And in fact... the only time in the revenge cycle that the character was shot with some panache and authority.

I guess what burns my ass is that in the special features "making of" documentary, they all go on about how the director loves horror... is a fan of horror etc, and how he was perfect as a director of this story. It's all the more shocking that the director, being a huge fan of horror, apparently has learned nothing  whatsoever from the classics of the horror genre... that he apparently admires so much and which make him (ahem) perfect for this film.

Now I'm not saying.... rip off... say... HALLOWE'EN... but Jesus-Christ-on-a-cross, man.... at least analyze the script, the character development, the dialogue, and most of all how Carpenter developed an on-screen villain into an iconic image. How does Carpenter use "the shape" to continually build tension... how are the characters seen reacting to that tension? IEtc Etc....

Mary Hatchet needed to be far more present in the film; a central character that stalks, lurks in the shadows (even if the characters don't see her), stirs dread, and creates an atmosphere of uncertainty that keeps the characters on edge. She needed to lead the horror, not just jump spontaneously from the shadows to swing a weapon when a cast member needed to be dispatched.

This story had such promise with its premise. Alas.

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I loved it, but I love almost every pointless slasher so that doesn't really mean anything. It entertained me and some of the kill scenes were nice, that's about all I ask for out of a slasher. I will admit though, the script was awful(even for a slasher) and some of the characters annoyed the hell out of me.

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Fair enough, mate.

The thing that kills me about these horror films is that.. A) you look at the dvd jacket and you see this scruffy-looking psycho chick. It's cool advertising that is meant to lure buyers. But then B) you watch the movie and they focus  primarily on a bunch of ass-bite teens just acting like ass-bite teens.... who then happen to get killed off in very unspectacular ways for reasons not at all relevant to their existence.

And the cliches..... Oh my God.... horror directors are still doing back story revelation via camp fire / graveyard stories told by a character that everybody think is a kook. 

How can any director who seriously loves horror, go on set and be eager to film a scene like that, much less scene after scene after of teens taking making sex jokes and innuendo, and just goofing off... none of which has anything to do with moving the story forward?

Its beyond me.