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Just thought I'd share pics of my latest mask: a two-piece mask, face and lower jaw/chin attachment. The theme here is my standard cannibal hillybilly mask accented by the fusion of three faux dental plates to make the jaws.

The glasses are removable, and the mask can be worn with or without the chin piece.

This one took about four days on and off as I don't plan the mask... just let the chips (and teeth) fall where they may... ie.. I make shit up as I go.

For this one I focused on the antique dental plates, complete with fastening pins/screws, and with varying gum color. These were done using resin teeth (thank you EBay China!!) and hot glue. All hand laid one tooth at a time.

If anyone wants to write a script around it... maybe we could make a movie. LOL. Outback cannibal in the deep woods traps unsuspecting models-on-a-camping-trip for barbecue and unnecessary dental surgery.

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The mask reminds me of the rag-dollish type characters from the animated movie "9". Is that where you got your inspiration for the mask? Any ways, that's one hillbilly I'd like to meet!

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I've also heard the duck character from a Nightmare before Xmas. Actually... no inspiration other than the stuff in my head (never even seen Nightmare or 9).  In any case.... I'm not one to make replicas or use the work of others to make something I would then pass off as original. LOL. I've got all I  need right inside my own head.

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Great work. I'd love to write a script around it, but without the funds to back it, it's useless.

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Alright then.... whose got some funds?? Even a little. We could get a trailer together and then post it on  and see if people around the world deem it cool enough to donate money for a low budget feature. Hey... crazy sh*t has happened. In fact... it happens all the time on kickstarter. LOL.