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Honestly, this is great news to me. He was integral to the move away from the comic book story in season 1. He stated going in, that he'd stay true to the story to establish character, but deviate away into new territory. This is just STUPID. Why then, adapt a great book into something else? Why not just make up your own stupid shit then? … teps-down/

I REALLY hope he didn't screw with season 2 that much, and they can get it back on track. By the end of season 1 (which was only 6 eps long), I was totally taken out. I just didn't care anymore, cause he deviated/changed so much in just a shot period, I honestly didn't care about season 2. Maybe that'll change now? Here's to hoping.


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I read about this last night.

Having never read the comic (despite being a big comic fan, go figure) I wasn't familiar with The Walking Dead aside from it being a comic about people struggling to survive a zombie apocalypse.

I LOVE the tv show.  That it deviates from the comic is lost on me, what with my having no frame of reference.

That said, I'm fine with Darabont leaving.  He was a major reason the first season was so good, and while he may not be writing or directing or even producing the show after this, I can't imagine him removing himself altogether.  He'd likely make himself available in an advisory capacity.  And he's left the show in good, capable hands.

My question, Z, is why be upset that the show doesn't follow the same course of the book?  Why throw millions of dollars into a television production just to do something exactly the same?  If it's true to the characters and tone, I would imagine a different storyline would be exciting, as you don't know what's going to happen.

But, that's just me.  And again, since I've never read the comic, I could just be talking out of my ass. lol

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having not read or followed the source material either, I feel the exact same way as Lon.
I just hope it moves along at a slightly faster clip this season.

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I've read and am currently rereading the series. Great story telling! As for the direction the t.v. series takes? I really don't care, as long as it's done right. The Walking Dead was one of the few main stream t.v. shows I looked forward to each wk. Hoping that continues.

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I'm a big fan of the comic book, and it didn't bother me that it deviated from the books. Mostly because the creator, Robert Kirkman, was on board with the changes. It seems to be headed in the same direction, it just finds other ways to get there sometimes, which is fine by me, as long as it respects the source material. Obviously some things will have to be different, like the comic isn't in real time, so after all these years, Carl is only what, a year and half older or so? The kid that plays Carl on the show will of course grow at a normal rate, so his storyline will have to be altered as the show goes on.

I also really liked some of the characters created for the show, like the Reedus brothers, they brought a lot of conflict to it. I thought they got Glenn just right, and I like that they seem to be keeping Shane around longer. Kirkman said he probably would have done that too if he had known the book was going to be a hit, but he didn't know how long he would have to tell his story, so he got rid of Shane early on. There are major points of the story I want to see on the show, but I don't want it to be a carbon copy.

I wish Darabont wasn't leaving, he's a great storyteller in his own right, and he had such passion for the story. I imagine it was hard for him to work within the budget limitations of tv is my guess, but his number 2 is taking over, and Kirkman is still involved, and he has said he will be writing more episodes this season, so it's in good hands.