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Yeah was definitely getting damn long.

Been a while I didn't log in but as you can see I'm there now. lol

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Wating Lord of Illusions with punk in about 1.5 hours.

Care to join? YES YOU DO!

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Yes I do!!! But you already know that don't you??? lol

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OK, my computer has gone bagshit, I have no idae wot is's dooing.  Heck, it re-spelled about 5 words in that last sentence. 

I don't know if t is the HM site or my keybaord is just fraehng out.

Get back to you later on tonight.


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^Good luck with that.

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Ouch. Hopefully it's not the same spell that has possessed ALL my Computer or you'll have some insane shit going on I can tell you. roll

But good luck indeed. Sending postive power to counter attack that damn bug. Thinking about it could this be the fault of these damn SPAMMER Bots???

But for me, the solution is to get back in the golden age... lol

I wouldn't wanna be at your place, shit like this annoys me. And I get annoyed VERY OFTEN. sad

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azathoth, add me kxnpunk666... Thank you sir. smile

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Gonna watch a movie tonight. kXnPunk will accompany me (he doesn't know yet, but he will).
Flood the chat, good peoples!

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Nothing planned, promised, suggested, or BBQ'd.
If I am perhaps coherent, and randomly remembering things, stop by the HM convo on Skype anytime tomorrow and say "Hi."

If I'm even coherent, I'd like to talk some HFest '14 ideas.  There is a good chance I'll be sleeping, but if any peoples show up, take notes on what films you'd like in HFest.

I don't think I'll have the time to my usual 3 weeks narrowing process, so I'm going to have to rely on some of you to narrow down some ideas.

Don't worry about the specifics now, just think if you'd want to spend around 16 hours or so total debating what should be in Hfest.     Besides, anyone who out trivia's Lon becomes the new Crotchal Sharkmaster.


[edit- and no promises, unless someone else would like to run an idea night.  I would love to have some new blood get involved with HFest planning, 'cause  Lon and I are getting old and so much sexier that we spend most of our time trying to get things done in spite of (1)- Vampy & (2) continuous Tina Fey sex(iness). 

{I'll even allow Punk to suggest (serious) films. }  (Sorry, man, but WangMuffing Trolls of Central Quebec won't make the cut.)

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Mwahaha Man you need to get Hollywood to accept your titles. They ROCK!!! lol

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Punk is running a Movie Night tomorrow night (June 15).
I started a new convo for him-
HM 6/15/2014
All the regulars are auto-invited.

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New thread-

HM 7/23/14

or stick this into your browser...


Re: Skype "Hello" Thread lol


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Sweet , I'll add it later.

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You're in already, azathoth added everyone... big_smile