Topic: Quick Movie Night 10- Werewolves Recap

Fun old school werewolf movies:

The Howling
An American Werewolf in London


Cap Howdy

(We think Revenge tried to get on, and some others came in too late.)

Odd night, we had people coming and going all night.  People had to leave early for some reasons (and of course the Brits were 5 hours ahead of us), and some had to come in late.  Around midnight of so it was down to me and Lon, and then his power went out!  I hung around for a while, but eventually went off to do some other things.

Great films with a lot of actors to talk about, not to mention all of the great practical FX.  Another fun aspect was El Capitan & Puppy discussing their home nation during 'American Werewolf.'  Cap even pointed out his house- it was to the left of the small rock on the middle moor!  Interesting discussion about the Undergound vs. the NYC subway (which I did some work for).

Everyone seemed to have fun, though the disjointedness of it sort of through us off.   It was also fun having Vampy sitting next to me while not listening in (I had headphones on, she was doing a jigsaw puzzle) so all she heard was me saying things like "Too much hairy wolf ass!" and "Sex me up you sexy wolf."  lol

I think our next night will be livelier, as the movies are more action oriented.

Thanks everybody! 

Edit- The podcasts are up- in my usual manner now.


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Yeah, my lights were flickering slightly for almost an hour before a big thunder crack made them go all the way out -- but weird, my PC stayed online and didn't shut off.  I think that's when I told you if I end up disappearing on you, you'd know why -- then not long after that a HUGE crack of thunder and *blip* lights out. lol

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He was having problems hearing me over the thunder!

Re: Quick Movie Night 10- Werewolves Recap

so he hadn't stolen my bucket then big_smile

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When the lights went out I tripped over the dog.  It's afraid of thunder and was hiding under my foot stool.  So when I went to stand up, in the dark, the dog darted out right past my feet and in trying not to step on it I lost my balance. 

I'm sure I looked like Scooby Doo when he tries to run and his feet go in circles for a second.  All that was missing was the silly bongo drum sound effect. hmm

As a side note, I didn't fall, and the dog is fine. smile

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I'm going to start running extension cords and fiber to you people from my house so you can have reliable power and 'net service for Movie Night. tongue

Of course in 2 weeks a hurricane will probably hit the US to mess up my picks!  lol

Good puppy

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Glad to hear you got through without injury big_smile ,My dogs bark at the thunder , then hide it's kind silly to watch smile

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Confusion- a puppy has dogs?  And Puppy calling other dogs silly?  Madness, I say.  Madness!   tongue

<squeaky toy toss>

edit- I wonder how many people (especially new to the site) read our Movie Night comments and think we're completely bonkers?  Or even just a percentage of said people.

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