Topic: Tales From the Crypt DVD Question

I am looking to get all the Tales From the Crypt Season's through time & already have season's 1 & 2 but i am putting off getting season 3 because of a mix up in the dvd's.

I know that there was a mix up where disc 1 of season's 1 was issued withe season 3 & vice versa When i bought my season 1 used from ebay the seller had already swapped the disc 1 of season 3 for me so i had the correct episodes with season 1 but i don't want to buy season 3 to end up with another season one episode disc.

Does anyone know if this mistake was just on an original run & then rectified.

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Tales From the Crypt DVD Question

I bought season 3 a year or two ago and there was no mix up with the discs so I'm sure they've fixed the problem by now.

Re: Tales From the Crypt DVD Question

Thanks for the reply. I shall be picking it up soon. cheers