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Ladies and has finally happened, and I hoped that it would never have. Remember the asshole neighbor across the street that accused me of sleeping with his girlfriend? The one that sent 5 guys to kick my ass at a bar one night? (they failed miserably).

Well, tonight he finally did it.

I went bowling with a lady friend of mine and helped celebrate her daughters birthday. We had so much fun. Then my lady friend gave me a ride back home. (because I don't drink and drive you see).

Alas, we sat parked on my property and talked for a while. Her headlights were shining toward the property Behind the neighbors across the street. Yet here he comes (11:50 PM) wielding a walking cane and approaches her door, and knowing the conflict between the two of us and his personal behavior, I step out of the vehicle (staying by my own door) and announce myself in order to save her from any wrong doing and direct him toward me.

So here he comes acting all

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Damn, your post didn't fully show, man.

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So here he comes acting all "badass" asking "Why are your headlights on, you need to turn them off". (etc. etc.)

I advise him repeatedly to go away and leave us alone. Naturally he is so intoxicated that he argues. Then, he makes the horrible mistake of approaching me head on while drawing his cane (which he doesn't even need to walk with).

SLAP - right in the face. Then he wises up and backs away. All the entire time his girlfriend is calling his name and telling him to come back home. She finally runs over and grabs him and directs him away as I call the police.

They show up, talk to us, then go to his place and talk to him. He apparently drew his fist at them and got himself arrested.

Getting to the point, I have been sitting at the justice center for the past hour waiting for things to be taken care of. Now I have go to court because of this bonehead.

I don't mind, because I've had enough. Not to mention he approached my lady friend first and she was scared out of her wits. Wrong move shithead. You don't ever threaten a woman, especially at MY house.

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thought you were going to say they arrested you Lee, which would have been an injustice. too many prats around and we seem to get them move in next door as well. let's hope your  personal nitwit gets a wake up call. somehow i doubt it though. once a shithead ,always a shithead. take care, lee. smile

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You don't fuck with Bailey Sr.

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aceofspades70 wrote:

You don't ever threaten a woman, especially at MY house.

I've gotten in more than my fair share of scraps with guys who bully women, and I'm glad to know there are others out there who aren't afraid to do the same.  Good for you, man. 

Sucks that it had to go down like that, and that you're stuck at the justice center because of this dip-shit, but hopefully he'll learn something from it and this kind of thing won't happen again. 

Okay, not likely, but stranger things have happened.

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Thanks ya'll. And oh yeah, I BITCH SLAPPED that mother fukker! lol.

Yes, we must now go to court over it. But here's a chance to get rid of this fucker and put him away for good. One more screw up and he's supposed to be done.

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Good for you for, ace!! I'm sure your lady friend is grateful and will be bragging to all her friends about your chivalrousness. I'm sure he'll think twice next time he thinks about getting n your face too! " you the man!!"

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Yea, she actually went home and cried she was so upset. She told me that hardly anyone has ever taken up for her like that. She was very grateful.


just wanted to say that again.