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Suspiria_89 wrote:

5. Friday the 13th 09, I know a lot of fans hate but I thought it was a excellent slasher. It's better if you try not to think of it has a Friday film LOL

Why is that? I think it works well as a basic Friday.

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I think it a perfect time to put this back up! lol

Also UK only!
They showing on Sky horror/sci-fi channel 

That starts at 21:40 Friday 13th part 2 - Friday 13th Part 6

Also on Film 4 at 22: 45 Friday 13th Remake!

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Jigsaw wrote:

On a related note, who are your favorite Jason actors and why?

Huh.  Must have missed this post first time around.  My take:

Best: C.J. Graham in part 6.  Great physicality, intimidating presence.  There was something about his no-nonsense approach in a story loaded with humor that really makes him stand out for me.  He brought a lot of subtleties to the role that aren't obvious unless you're really paying attention to him; it's almost as if he underplays the role, which makes it that much more effective.

Runners up:  A tie between Kane Hodder and Ted White

Hodder: fans are always clamoring about his character performance as Jason and talking about how much he brought to the role, but I don't see anything he brought aside from the huffing & puffing and the occasional tilt of the head.  I think what made his appearances more popular was the fact that the Friday films he appeared in involved more complicated stunt work than the others, and while Hodder did all his own stunts, most of the other Jason actors did, too, so I think that kind of nullifies that argument.  So ignoring the stunts and looking at the actual character performance itself, I don't think he brought a great deal more to it.  Good physicality, yes, but he wasn't as big or intimidating as Graham.

White: Old school stuntman and real life tough guy, he brought to the role a certain...I guess "swagger" is the word.  It's nothing over-done -- like Graham, you have to really watch him during his scenes.  But swagger is only worth so much, and while his subtleties were effective, they weren't as effective as Graham's.

I'd also give a nod to part 5's Dick Weiand.  Yeah, he may have just been a "pseudo-Jason" but he had the highest body count of any Friday flick and I thought he did just as good a job as any of the other Jason actors, especially during the finale, where he's hit with a bulldozer and takes a licking in the barn.  For a not-really-Jason, I thought he did a bang-up job.

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I agree on CJ Graham, definitely. I feel he's one of the more underappreciated Jason actors.

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Nowadays, this is probably a little closer to how I rank them:

The Final Chapter
Jason Lives
Part 2
The New Blood
Part 3
Part 1
A New Beginning
2009 Reboot
Jason Takes Manhattan
Jason Goes To Hell
Freddy Vs. Jason
Jason X

4 and 6 are very close for me.

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Of the 3 I have seen i rank them in this order.

4. The Final Chapter
Part 1
Part 2

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Wow, over two years since I posted this and it's still here.

Bringing this back if that's okay. Figured with an F13 date coming up next Friday it'd be good.

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LoudLon wrote:

9.  Friday '09 (0/10)
8.  TIE: Freddy vs Jason and Jason X (1/10)
7.   Jason Takes Manhattan (2/10)
6.   TIE: Friday part 2 and Jason Goes to Hell (3/10)
5.   TIE: Part 1 and Part VII: The New Blood (4/10)
4.   Part 5: A New Beginning (5/10)
3.   Part III (6/10)
2.   Part VI: Jason Lives (7/10)
1.   Part IV: The Final Chapter (8/10)

While I'm still not a huge fan of the series overall, my perspective has changed on part 5 since my last post.  The more I watch it the more I enjoy it, and at this point it's really close to passing part 4 as my favorite of the series.

I can't really explain it.  Could be a bit of a nostalgic factor, or that it has more colorful characters than the others, I don't know.  I just know I've really grown to dig it.

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Well that's cool I can now speak, never saw it so there you go.

Haven't seen them all yet but goes like this...

1- Friday The 13th 1980
2- Freddy VS Jason
Hey yes, normal, my Freddy's there what can I do. lol
3- Jason X
Space, you have me with Space everytime...
4- Friday The 13th Part 2 1981
5- Friday The 13th 2009
Danielle Panabaker, ENOUGH SAID!!! big_smile
6- Friday The 13th Part 3 1982

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You Not seen part  4 :0 , get your aS's to the local  video store or watch it now

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And why should I more than any other I haven't seen??? yikes