Topic: The Return Of The Slasher Nasties

The Return Of The Slasher Nasties
Shameless proudly presents a historic collection of 3 Italian shockers, curated with an exclusive Kim Newman essay on THE THREE FACES OF ITALIAN EXPLOITATION, in a must-have homage to slashers, nasties & videotapes..
Branded as obscene around the world & banned outright in UK
Presented for 1st time uncut, this banned Video Nasty, is one of the most over the top of the Nunsploitation genre. Based on the true story of Sister Gertrude, played in a powerhouse performance by Swedish Sex Siren Anita Ekberg who has stepped out of the Dolce Vita’s Trevi fountain, turned junkie and now stalks innocent young nuns for kinky sex whilst torturing, killing and robbing aging pensioners to fuel her morphine addiction.
Disc 2 - TORSO
The proto-slasher
“It's such a fantastic Italian slasher film. … Torso is his masterpiece. It's so brilliantly photographed… but what's so great about Torso is the awesome lesbian subplot. I mean, Torso was a huge influence on Hostel II… The last 15 minutes of Torso are just some of the best film-making I've ever seen..” Eli Roth
In Perugia (!) a black gloved saw-wielding killer starts effective slayer multi-tasking by mutilating a cast of co-ed beauties !
You can tell yourself it’s only a movie but it won’t help!
Please mind the half-dead girls between the platform edge and the train as you board a cinematic ride into terror that was banned as a Video Nasty. This is the 1st ever release - now uncut and complete - of Aldo Lado’s acknowledged superior response to The Last House on the Left. This chillingly well-made claustrophobic slasher-thriller (also featuring an Ennio Morricone score) sears the brains of those who dare watch it.
Special Features
- Exclusive Interview with star Anita Ekberg
- Boxset Extra: Specially commissioned booklet by Kim Newman: THE THREE FACES OF ITALIAN EXPLOITATION.