Topic: "Snuff" 2011

You know I almost get sick of telling you gorehounds about my projects and not having much to show. But this time, it's for real LOL. Simply because its for my last project in film school. This new project I'm working on is actually going to happen and will be awesome.

The Synopsis:

A demented filmmaker, desperate for ideas comes up with an idea to make a for real snuff film to release. With a little help from downtown he gets a hold of Wade Lowe, a death row inmate whose last memories are of get executed by lethal injection and an unlimited supply of psychotic lunatics. Together, they start to hunt down each other as the main character with a little help from the Director begins to star is his sick film in order to regain his freedom and start a new life.

The film will be a 10 minute short film but it doesn't stop there. Eventually after I graduate, I'm going to start up a kickstarter for funding of a full length film. I'm in the casting stages of the film and I have revised the screenplay a few times.

It will be shot on a Sony FS100, and edited with Final Cut Pro. Stay tuned for further details and once I get the kickstarter in line I hope to have full support of this website and maybe have a story about it. I can't wait to show more, I begin filming in November and it'll be finished by Christmas.

Like I said this time it's real and not just another project that dies as soon as it lifts off. I hope you guys will like it and I'll post more details about it as I find more.

Re: "Snuff" 2011

Good luck with it.