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Warner Archives have released Night School on October 11th and Killer Party on September 27th. They appear to only ship to the U.S. though through their website. I don't know if Night School is uncut, but Killer Party is not. Still these are the only DVDs available and they are both presented in widescreen.
I am in Canada so unfortunately I will have to wait to hopefully get them some other way somehow sad but for those in the U.S. You can get em now!

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I have noticed that carries most (perhaps all...I haven't checked every title) of the Warner Archives titles. There may be a bit of a delay before they're available in Canada but I'm betting these will show up on eventually.

Unfortunately, of course, these titles are expensive. I was just looking at the Warner Archives title THE GREEN SLIME on and it's $25.49. And these are "Ships from and sold by" so they aren't third party sales.

I have to say that I'm disappointed in the made-on-demand direction of some of these titles. Yeah, it's great to have them...but the prices. I've been solidly into Blu-ray for almost 4 years. As I type this, I have a shipment heading my way (it left Ontario Friday and should be in Winnipeg tomorrow) of a two disc double feature of SHE and THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME on Blu-ray. Price: $11.49 for the both. It's from Legend films...not high end stuff but I have several of their double features and they are quite acceptable. There are many Blu-ray catalogue titles available for little more than $10.00.

So, as much as I appreciate some of these MOD DVD titles being available, I wince at the prices.

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Yah the prices are pretty high especially considering they are barebones discs too.

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Re: Archive titles.  Since they are burn-on-demand, and generally old/obscure/what have you stuff, they know they can bend you over and spank you with the price, as only real fans would care that much.  I wonder if they did any market analysis or just said "eh, whatever."

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azathoth wrote:

... generally old/obscure/what have you stuff, they know they can bend you over and spank you with the price, as only real fans would care that much ...

While there is certainly truth in that statement, I find it interesting that many equally obscure titles are being released on manufactured Blu-rays at much cheaper prices.

For example, Paramount has licensed out a number of their titles for Blu-ray. The previously mentioned Legend Films produces cheap Blu-ray double disc sets of obscure Paramount titles. I hold in my hand, the two disc set of STUDENT BODIES (1981) and JEKYLL AND HYDE TOGETHER AGAIN (1982). They're fairly obscure and the set sells for about $12.00. They also produce THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH (1959) and THE SKULL (1965) for the same price.

Ever heard of POOR PRETTY EDDIE (1975)? HD Cinema Classic sells it in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and it has a commentary track, trailer, restoration demo and a neat lobby card/post card. That'll cost you about $13.00.

How about a pair of low budget spaghetti westerns from the 1960's: 4 DOLLARS OF REVENGE and THE LAST GUN? The double feature Blu-ray from Mill Creek is about $12.00.

GALAXINA, THE CRATER LAKE MONSTER, DEMENTIA 13, THE TERROR , SCREWBALLS (and SCREWBALLS 2 smile ) are all cheap on Blu-ray. I even have the classic old made-for-tv movie THE CALIFORNIA KID (1974) on a $7.00 Blu-ray (NBC Universal licensed to Timeless Media).

I appreciate that Warner obviously wants to maintain full control over their titles and sadly seems unwillingly to license them to smaller companies for whom these would be worthwhile releases. I can understand that WB may not think it's worth their while to commercially produce these titles, but there are small specialty companies that have succesfully been releasing small titles for many years.

I'll bet Legend, Image or Shout factory would jump at the chance to release KILLER PARTY and NIGHT SCHOOL on DVD and Blu-ray.

a note: I own all of the Blu-rays mentioned in this post.

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Night School is scheduled for November 1st on for 18.99 and on the same date for 26.99.