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Holy shit, scary stuff and I was just in that area last night.

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You do know that report is from 2009?
Edit: And they arrested a suspect not long after

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Well geez Cap Howdy...way to ruin it!

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Damn, i just heard about the killings yesterday from a friend. Why didn't I hear about this sooner? i should watch the news more.

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freaky ! for sure !

keep us updated !!Capt Howdy

In my state there have been ALL KINDS of serial killers !  many nearby .. so many that I assume every stranger I meet  is one smile

these are just a few trhat come to mind..

Marcus  Wesson : He was a self proclaimed religous leader and prophet. He also was pedophile rapist of his own daughters. many who bore his children. He had them living in squalor and convinced that he was God. He had all the children living with him and a few of the mother/daughters, When the mothers of some of his children demanded them back with police in tow. He herded them into a back bedroom and shot 9 of them. 
This was in my town.

Cary Stayner: the Yosemite killer ( about 50 min away from where I live )   He was a handyman at the state park's hotels. He killed  4 female guests, two were mother and daughter. He cut off one of their heads.
Oddly enough, his own brother Steven had been abducted by a pedophile and the age of 7 and was lead to believe the man was his adoptive growing up and had just been re-united with the family a few years before this happend.

Richard Ramirez- The Night Stalker- My aunt lived in that area.

his name slips my mind but there was a professor from the university in town who lured young men into his home , drugged, raped and killed them..  One of the weirdest things of all was the fact that his home in a nice area of town was soundproofed and the walls were painted in a surreal mural-like landscape of the Alien movies.

Juan Corona : he 'hacked' about 20 people to death up . mostly the homeless and farm workers

Wayne Ford : a truck driver who killed women up and down he state. he had the breast of his victim in his pocket when he walked into the sheriffs office and turned himself in.

Lawrence Singleton : he raped a runaway hitchiker , cut off her arms  and left her for dead. My family knew that girls family

then there is :
Charles Manson
The Hillside Strangler
The Zodiac Killer

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Glad I live in Canada! jeez.

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2009 or not that still scary stuff

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I wish I had a serial killer by me.  Makes life interesting

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I find it amusing when people neglect to read past the first post, or just the Topic line.  (ahem, MoH lol )