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Ironically, I just received my copy of this movie today...on the day it sold-out.

The original FRIGHT NIGHT is personal favorite largely because a TV horror movie host plays such a pivotal role. I'm just old enough to remember the end of the age of the goofy, late night horror host (not the modern, campy Elvira style).

Unfortunately, Sony decided not to release this Blu-ray themselves. Instead, they licensed the title to Twilight Time who sold it only through the Screen Archives website. And only 3,000 copies were produced. I'm not at all happy with that method of doing things. I think movie fans should just be able to buy movies when they are available. Buying limited editions online isn't in the proper spirit of movie fandom. It should be about the movie and not the collectibility.

The movie has a first class transfer and most of the reviews on the 'net are excellent. Film preservationist Robert Harris calls it "perfect" although that might contain some hyperbole. The best thing about this transfer is that it's unmolested by digital manipulation. It looks like a proper film. It has a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack and an isolated score. The only extras are a couple of trailers. The accepted story is that the Sony licensing agreement precluded any further extras.

I had pre-ordered this title. When attempting to order from Canada, you get a scary warning saying that unregistered packages that go missing won't be replaced. Unfortunately, registering the mail costs about $15.00 and I wasn't going to spend that much for a 4 ounce package. I took my chances on cheap first class mail. I admit, I was getting shipping notice arrived 13 days ago and I was sweating. But the disc arrived today.

Tonight, the title is reported as sold-out.

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Damn! I saw that they were finally doing a new release of Fright Night, but I didn't know it was a limited release... Bollocks.

I agree, the original Fright Night is one of my absolute favourite horror films. Endlessly charming and fun. It would've been nice to get a proper release of the film, instead of the bare bones DVD they have out now.

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I have this on DVD and sadly, like Blu-Ray, there aren't any extras to speak of.  But it's an old favorite, and one of the best mainstream/big budget horror flicks of the 80s as far as I'm concerned.

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Frankly, I don't know what Sony was thinking when they licensed this for such a limited edition.

I've actually got the ORIGINAL DVD that dates back to about 1999 or so. It had a widescreen version on one side and the cropped "pan-and-scam" version on the flipside. I know it was released again on DVD a few years back.

That looked ok an the old 27" Zenith. Unfortunately as TVs got bigger, it wasn't cutting it anymore. The BD is great but I regret that regular folks have such limited access to it.

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Yah I didn't know it was a limited release, I also have the 1998 DVD version, would have been nice to upgrade but maybe someday it will come back.