Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior 3RD MONTH FINALS MATCH

Don't forget, I have to vote so I can see the results and I always select the first option, so deduct one from Ash.

Odd.  I would have thought this finals match would have more participants considering two certified genre favorites are involved. hmm

Re: POLL: Deadliest Horror Movie Warrior 3RD MONTH FINALS MATCH

Voting is officially over.  The results:

Ash: 2 Votes (3, minus mine so I could see the results)
Justified votes: 2 x 5 pts each = 10 pts
Total pts: 10

Xenomorph: 4 Votes
Justified votes: 4 x 5 pts each = 20 pts
Total pts: 20

Harry Warden: 0 Votes

C.H.U.D.: 0 votes


Not a lot of votes on this month's final but hey, what can you do?  The next time we see Xenomorph will be in the Semi-Finals, which take place five weeks from today.  Thanks to all of you who participated, and keep an eye out for the 13th weekly round, which I'll have up shortly.

As for this match, here's how I'd break it down:

Unless he used stealth, Warden would lose to Ash due to inferior weaponry alone.  But even if he did get within axe-range of Ash, he'd have to contend with that wicked chainsaw, and he'd lose.  Warden would also lose to C.H.U.D. because C.H.U.D. is super-strong and durable.  He'd lose to Alien because an axe ain't gonna do a lot of good against a Xenomorph except maybe piss it off.

C.H.U.D. would lose to Ash, because of Ash's heavy firepower.  As durable as it is, I seriously doubht a C.H.U.D. could withstand a chainsaw to the gut or a double-barrel blast to the face.

Ash would beat Harry Warden and C.H.U.D.  He'd have his hands full with the Xenomorph, though, especially in close quarters.  He'd have to use the chainsaw, but the splatter of acid blood would eat him alive.  The only chance Ash has is to attack it from a near distance with the shotgun.  But with the Xenomorph being as stealthy as it is and being able to blend into shadows, the real question is would Ash see it coming in time to blow it away?  I don't think he would.

As much as we all love Ash, this is Xenomorph's fight to lose.

My take: Xenomorph wins