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Blackflight Studios is beginning production on its 2nd feature film titled "The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie". The film will begin production in March and is currently trying to raise funding. … ature-Film

The film is written and will be directed by Joseph Lavender. His last film "EXIT 101" which he also wrote, is currently available on DVD and will be distributed world wide later this year on DVD and VOD. You can view the trailer for it at:

"The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie" is based on a real urban legend in South GA. The story revolves around a native american slave who is brutally tortured and murdered during the civil war period in a local church located on historic "Seven Toe Road". The church now replaced with a house is the resting place for restless spirit "Seven Toe Maggie" given the name by the town locals who swear that her attackers cut off 3 of her toes, before she died. They say if you walk around the house 7 times her spirit will appear, and bad things will happen.
The film is loosely based off this tale, and follows the story of Mattie Ellis, born into a rich family who deals in real estate. Her father purchases "Seven Toe House", which in turn causes her to have a paranormal experience there as a youngster. Now that she's all grown up, her experience has plagued her and she inadvertently seeks help from a group of rag tag paranormal investigators to help her figure out what she experienced all those years ago.

We are shooting the film in a historical house in South GA, with its own real paranormal phenomenom. We are bringing in a group of real paranormal investigators for research purposes, and they will be doing a real live investigation as a special segment on the DVD. What sets us apart from other film makers, is that we are still shooting this as a cinematic movie. The new "found footage" fad is a popular craze that we want to avoid, and take you back to old school traditional story telling. We will be taking queues from Alfred Hitchcock, and Stephen King, from films such as: Poltergeist, The Shining, The Amityville horror. We are raising funds in order to compensate our cast and crew. We are very dedicated to our craft, and we are offering some great rewards for your help. Check it out!

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Sounds fun. love UL and ghost flicks

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Sounds interesting.  Good luck... or maybe we'll end up with another found footage film?   Muhahahhahah.

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The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie is releasing its 2nd trailer tomorrow morning at 10am just in time for Valentine's Day.

We are just a few months away from the film's release.

If you haven't heard of the film before, the film is our 2nd feature that was filmed entirely in GA, and on a very miniscule budget. The film is based on a REAL local urban legend involving an old church, and a Native American woman who was supposedly raped, tortured and killed within its walls. The story says that her spirit still roams the church and its grounds. The legend says that during the struggle her attackers removed several of her toes, and when she was found she only had SEVEN. Thus the town locals started to dub her "Seven Toe Maggie".

The movie follows this legend, by continuing telling the story of Mattie Ellis, whose father uknowingly purchases an old house that just so happens to be sitting on the same soil the church once stood. Mattie experiences things there as a child that she carries with her into her adulthood where she inadvertently meets a group of Rag tag paranormal investigators, who she convinces to help her prove she's not crazy.

The movie is a combination cinematic experience with some found footage elements.

Here are a few screen grabs, and below you'll find links to the unreleased trailer that will go live at 10 AM in the morning. You can also visit our official facebook page at: (Official Website)

Also follow us twitter @SeventoeMaggie


Thanks for supporting independent film!

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name sounds like an Proffesional Poker Player from Texas.

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I love the poster with the clipppers & blood on the white background but the second poster with the girl and the guy coming out of the door does nothing for me at all. Looks like an entirely different movie

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Love the concept and the angle you're approaching it from. The poster with the scissors is my favourite too but all the stills and artwork look super-slick and intriguing to me. Congrats on reaching your funding goal - that's no mean feat! Best of luck with the project! I look forward to seeing more smile