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Drunkenly written without editing exclusively to post on HMC

Danny new there was a treasure up there. He felt a tickle and knew it was more than a nose hair wiggling. He tried his index finger first but it wasn’t delicate enough for the job.  Employing the pinky just above the sinus hole his nail cut the edge of a dried scale like portion. With surgeon precision he pried it away. He knew if he wasn’t carful it would be lost, either in the new mucus that was forming or down a nostril. He realized success when it stuck to the tip of his finger like a grasping starfish.

With the skill of an Olympian marksman he sent the booger flying with a single flick. It shot like a comet through the atmosphere between bed and carpet. The heavy shag cushioned its impact and hid its resting place as was intentioned.

What wasn’t intended was what laid waiting in that musty old carpet. Something had spent years devouring the dried DNA we call dust. It had mutated during those years and built an insatiable appetite for a flavor, a flavor it wasn’t fully aware of until now.  Its brothers and sisters scurried through the microscopic frayed fabric tunnels of the carpet in the millions. They were over taken by scrumptious smell and now could fallow its source.

What do you think? Should I finish?

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I love a good booger man story! lol


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You're a weird dude.

Yeah, give it a go.

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Will it have pictures?

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errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! nooooooooooooooooooooooo!