Topic: NightStalkers, Blade Spinoff REALLY dead.

So first Ryan Reynolds said no way to NightStalkers ( ) and now Jessica Biel ( ) has said No way. So what did we get from the crappy Blade Trinity that was designed to spin into a new series? nothing but a shitty blade movie that ruined the franchise.

What do you guys think? Am I barking up the right tree?

Re: NightStalkers, Blade Spinoff REALLY dead.

Blade Trinity could have been good, it had a good concenpt yet Goyer didn't execute it very well.  Its not shitty as shitty can get, but it is definatly the worst of the series and definatly not a good movie.

When I first heard of a Nighstalker's film, I wondered if it would be something like the remains of the familiars (humans who are working for the vampires) would have some vampire blood vacumed locked away somewhere.  They would wait a few years and notice that they can become the heads of the covens and thus the vampires are reborn and the Nightstalker series can begin.

I mean, Blade III basically had all the vamps die so unless they did something like that they would have to pull in new creatures.  The alt ending with the werewolf-vampire hybrid....CRAP.  Underworld's hybrid is much better.

All in are probably barking up the right tree.  *gives you a treat*  Good Meh tongue