Topic: Kevin 'Ogre' Ogilivie of Skinny Puppy in New Movie--Scream Park!

Hey there, horror freaks!

Kevin 'Ogre' Ogilvie is starring in an upcoming, indie horror film called Scream Park!

It's an 80s-style homage to slasher films, about an amusement park on its last legs. Scream Park is a response to the current Hollywood trend of remakes, rehashes, sequels, prequels, and the desire to see an original tale come to the screen.

The owner, played by Doug Bradley of Hellraiser fame, devises a scheme to have a pair of killers commit gruesome murders in the park as a publicity stunt to sell tickets. The victims are a group of employees partying in the park after hours.

Ogre, (whose films include REPO: The Genetic Opera, 2,001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, and the now-touring Devil's Carnival), continues his trend of dark, masked roles and is playing the lead slasher in the film.

The film is funded through post-production, and they currently have a Kickstarter campaign running to earn $5K in additional funds for post-production work, additional effects, composer, etc and have made nearly half that thus far.

Every contribution to the campaign is entered in a drawing for a 16GB iPad, pre-loaded with with a digital copy of the movie, behind the scenes videos, exclusives shot with the iPad itself, a digital copy of the script, and tons more extras. There are also opportunties to score incredible merch featuring Ogre and Doug Bradley!

For more information about the film, you can visit the sites below: … cream-park

Please help support Ogre, Doug Bradley and independent horror by funding this blood-spattered gem and sharing the links everywhere you can! Thank you!

Kevin 'Ogre' Ogilvie

Re: Kevin 'Ogre' Ogilivie of Skinny Puppy in New Movie--Scream Park!

Interesting man.... I'm the biggest puppy fan in this fuckin world (well, this section of the world anyways!)  and hey the biggest Hellraiser fan too, so to get both in one film sounds awesome.

I hope it's cheesy fun...