Topic: Friday April, 13th, 2012

I know Az is usually the one that does this but, I was thinking we should watch a movie or two tomorrow! It's the perfect day for it. What do y'all think?!

The first few Friday the 13th movies are available on Netflix IW. I'm down for anything though.

Let me know.

Re: Friday April, 13th, 2012

Oops, this crept up on me.  Sorry.

Initiate Emergency Protocol  Monkey Zeta:

The original idea, per Lon, was to do 13th #s 1-4 this Friday, and 5-8 for the next Friday13th.

But since I dropped the ball, y'all can suggest a mix if you'd like.  You can also pick a start time.  I'll be there for the start, and I'll hang out the whole time in text, but my attention is going to be mostly on the Flyers game til it's over.

Shoot me yea/nay and/or ideas.  I summarize them all this afternoon so everyone has an idea what's going on.